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  1. Eh....they let guys in funny hats stay there. :unsure:
  2. Avoid unless you enjoy small old rooms in a hotel with terrible food and poor service. It puts on airs of being a finer hotel, but it is nothing more than a show. We recently stayed at the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok. It was chosen because it was convenient to where we needed to be, but really for no other reason than that. I planned on doing a full review with pics, but as my stay went on, I realized that this hotel was not worth wasting my time on a review. As you walk in the enormous front lobby of the hotel, you get the feeling that it is a very nice hotel. When
  3. Hi, can somebody move this to the restaurant section? I put it here by accident.
  4. Visited Bangkok for a few days with Cerberus and Alleycat and ate at Rosabieng Restaurant on a Thursday night. It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 11 almost directly across from the Ambassador hotel. If you walk down Soi 11 from Sukhumvit, the restaurant is about 75 yards down on your left hand side. It has space for car and motorbike parking, but if you walk like most, it is very easy to reach by foot. The restaurant looks like a big house from the outside, and has outdoor deck seating for approximately 50 or 60 guests as well as a separate bar and live music. The r
  5. Try the Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri. Can see the Royal Bangkok Sports Club racetrack, Siam Paragon and Central World in the background.
  6. I can help you out with some pics, although I didn't get pics of everything. Can agree the food and service are both excellent. Only bad part about the place is the location. It's a long way off of Sukhumvit, and with BKK traffic the way it is, it can take forever to get there by taxi. Definitely too far to walk from Suk if you're taking the BTS.
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