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  1. The basic rooms aren't worth the money IMO, but the deluxe ones (or whatever they're called) were nice. The pool is pretty small and crappy and was filled with loud drunk russians (maybe I was just unlucky) but if it's not one of your main criteria then it's not a bad option :) Edit: Thought this was a slightly more recent post, so perhaps you stayed already. If so, please share your impressions as other BM may be wondering the same, cheers!
  2. There's not denying that you can still get great deals using Airbnb renting BKK apartments and new condos in particular, but after a couple of bad experiences such as facilities that were promised (pools, gym, etc.) being out of order, last minute cancellations by the owners, one condo being unavailable when I arrived at 11 pm, and above all the terrible service that Airbnb provides as opposed to companies like Booking or Expedia if you experience issues, I've given up on them. I'd rather pay a little more on a hotel and know what I'm getting and this is just one further example that Airbn
  3. Had both great and horrible experiences with airbnb in Bangkok. If you stay a long time and book in advance, you can get a very good deal in a new condo (pool, gym, etc.). However, I've also had two bad experiences (a last-minute cancellation, but at last I knew in advance) and one where the owner had not left the key in the mailbox as agreed. After a 7 hour flight, in 40 degree weather, you can imagine my frustration. Furthermore their service is horrible as I could not reach them (they did not provide a number on the reservation so I had to find it on the internet and then call them
  4. Read this a day too late. Feedback on the hotel would be appreciated, cheers!
  5. Knew it was a bit risky, but had a bit of time to kill and was curious about whether or not the Agoda secret deals were worthwhile. Then I found the following video which is pretty much spot on: I'll spare you the procedure as the video explains it well, but today's 4* sukhumvit deal with 1880+ reviews is the Mermaid hotel. The number of reviews was very precise (the Mermaid was at 1884 reviews when I made the booking), so that is probably the most important factor to look at. The only other possible hotel, which I preferred, had 50 more reviews.. In any case, I'm glad I've tried i
  6. It's been a while, but I remember it was a little basic but fine for my needs. Staff and owner were friendly as well.
  7. I don't undertand why you would buy this stuff from a street vendor when there are so many pharmacies that keep these products in an air-con environment and are more than willing to sell them to you. Also, the other advantage of buying from a pharmacy is that it will still be there tomorrow, so if you are sold some fake garbage you can always go back and tell them. Won't change anything, but at least it may feel good. On the other hand, if you're happy with the stuff they sold you, then you know you can return to the same pharmacy whenever necessary. And odds are pharmacies will be cheaper
  8. I recently rented a studio/condo in a big building on AirbNb and brought a "good" (and very naughty) girl back regularly and no one cared. They even let her use the parking for free. Unlike a hotel, I don't see why the staff would care unless you are causing problems or bothering neighbours. You're renting out the place, so you can do whatever you want unless there are rules to the contrary. Receptionists in these places have other things to worry about and if you break something, it is the owner of the apartment/condo that will suffer the consequences, not them.
  9. Did you get an answer from your neighbour? I seriously doubt they'd let you do through a US checkpoint with a bottle of liquor, sealed or not, unless you're transiting through the same terminal and don't need to go through any of the endless search routines. And honestly, even if I was told that I could do it, I probably wouldn't risk it. The amount of money you'll save is not worth the trouble. On the other hand, if I was coming from Cambodia or the Dominican Republic, I would consider bringing back a few bottles as you can save quite a few $ (usually a lot more than half the price). In those
  10. Strange, thought I had already answered. I did not bring anyone as I had gotten serviced elsewhere... I also did not see anyone bringing girls in or girls hanging around the lobby. My instinct is that I doubt they would had said anything if I had walked in straight past security and the check-in counter and headed straight for the elevator, but can't say with certainty and that's the annoying part about signing such a form... Probably depends whose on duty and whether they want to earn a few extra baths.
  11. I've tried it a couple of times under the same circumstances. Go figure, you have a few too many and suddenly you find yourself surrounded my more and more lovely ladies, so what can you do??? Like you, I've also done half a pill (and I bought the Sidagra 50s, so that would pretty much be the same as a quarter of a 100 kamagra if my math is not so bad) and it worked just fine. I found Sidagra made me a little less nauseous than Kamagra, but it's probably all in my head as I have not had any problems with Kamagra Jelly besides the taste that some of them have.
  12. May have been a duty free store employee fearing that they had made a mistake by not charging the right amount or forgetting to charge something, or a customs employee that realized too late that you may have brought in more than the acceptable limit (which I believe is one bottle). Of course that's just a guess, but I do admit it's odd.as Bangkok's main airport does not seem like the type of place that lets employees run in and out of secure areas to try and scam people... That part usually begin once you've left the airport or start taking 10 bath tuk tuks :P
  13. Sorry if I wasn't clear, meant that it was strange that this happened AFTER "clearing customs", i.e. when customs should no longer have been a factor. And was the girl wearing some kind of offical uniform, that's the part I was curious about. While there are a still a few touts running around, I find that Bangkok airport is rather well organized for the most part.
  14. Technically, they don't call it "clearing customs" for nothing, so your story is indeed quite strange. And you say she was wearing a customs uniform?
  15. Loads of pharmacies will have it OTC, just not the big brands like Boots. I just wouldn't buy it off the street. I personally get nauseous rather easily, but that does't seem to be the case for most people (any one else have this problem and a solution btw?). I've tiried taking it with dimenhydrinate (dramamine) to lessen that effect, but can't say it has been much of a success. I find that taking a smaller dose generally does the trick and it's not like I can't take more if it proves necessary, but IMO 100 mg is too much.... For other side effects I believe many people have experienc
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