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  1. I don't undertand why you would buy this stuff from a street vendor when there are so many pharmacies that keep these products in an air-con environment and are more than willing to sell them to you. Also, the other advantage of buying from a pharmacy is that it will still be there tomorrow, so if you are sold some fake garbage you can always go back and tell them. Won't change anything, but at least it may feel good. On the other hand, if you're happy with the stuff they sold you, then you know you can return to the same pharmacy whenever necessary. And odds are pharmacies will be cheaper
  2. I've tried it a couple of times under the same circumstances. Go figure, you have a few too many and suddenly you find yourself surrounded my more and more lovely ladies, so what can you do??? Like you, I've also done half a pill (and I bought the Sidagra 50s, so that would pretty much be the same as a quarter of a 100 kamagra if my math is not so bad) and it worked just fine. I found Sidagra made me a little less nauseous than Kamagra, but it's probably all in my head as I have not had any problems with Kamagra Jelly besides the taste that some of them have.
  3. Loads of pharmacies will have it OTC, just not the big brands like Boots. I just wouldn't buy it off the street. I personally get nauseous rather easily, but that does't seem to be the case for most people (any one else have this problem and a solution btw?). I've tiried taking it with dimenhydrinate (dramamine) to lessen that effect, but can't say it has been much of a success. I find that taking a smaller dose generally does the trick and it's not like I can't take more if it proves necessary, but IMO 100 mg is too much.... For other side effects I believe many people have experienc
  4. Just turned 40 and often use the pills to counteract the effects of excess alcohol. Guess I'm not all that smart Yes, I've found Sidagra to be quite useful, but personally don't need any more than 50 mg. Some pills have given me nausea and headaches and/or flushing. In any case, I feel that if I want to go on longer I can always just take another pill. The Kamagra jelly packs work nicely for me as well, although not all flavours taste especially nice (pineapple comes to mind...)!
  5. As plahgat mentioned, I can also confirm that Charoen pharmacy is a safe bet and I wouldn't worry about asking questions. If there are loads of people around, I suppose you could show them a paper or a note on your phone asking if they have 'this' in stock, but I've never found that necessary as they simply don't care and believe me, they will not be shocked. It's also worth remembering that they are next to nana plaza, so they must get asked for loads of weird shit hundreds of times a day. I once saw them seeling beer out of a fridge late at night (no joke). Anyway, I can confirm that I boug
  6. I doubt they'd care about that, but they actually searched you at a roadblock? Any particular reason? Luckily this had never happened to me yet... Where you from in Canada mate?
  7. I've tried a variety, including real cialis (cost a fortune from hospital), kamagra, fake Viagra and Cialis, as well as kamagra jelly and sidagra. The last 2 worked best for me and did not lead to nausea... That said, is the pharmacy next to bully's still the best place to buy these? On a different note, anyone know if these pharmacies still sell genuine Valium anymore or are these days long gone?
  8. Lol, and do they also cut your hair there? I've had my share of bad Asian haircuts so maybe a bj would help ease the stress. I know there are many such "barbershops" in Vietnam, but have never heard of any in Bangkok.
  9. Sounds interesting. Will probably give it a try during my next visit. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Anyone ever stay at http://www.housebythepond.com ? If so, how was it? They have really good monthly rates
  11. The soi is called RCA and it's in Ao Nang. The bar you're referring to is Amy's 69 :) still seems like the best bar and Easy to find (it's the first one on the right). Bf is 300.
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