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  1. About three weeks ago I jaywalked across Asoke Rd right in front of a police motorcycle. he didn't say anything. your mileage may vary though
  2. if you tell a girl you'll take her shopping and then take her to MBK, will she be disappointed? I'm specifically looking to buy them sexy outfits like the following: Brand or no brand doesn't make a difference to me.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Anyone know the prices for the rooms that are in Nana Plaza itself?
  4. Happens to the best of us, his only crime was that he got caught :mellow:
  5. I was at the Big C today and checked all over the personal care aisle, including next to the condoms. But I couldn't find any personal lubricants (aka Astroglide or any generic versions or other brands). Anyone know where you can find these in Thailand?
  6. A good hair and makeup job can make a plain girl look like a hottie: Does anyone have Thai girlfriend (or other girl) who has a good place to recommend? I'm looking for the risque/sultry look like above, definitely nothing conservative.
  7. Seems to me it must've been a massive undertaking, although I don't know much about what goes into building these types of projects. Anyone know how long it took?
  8. I can confirm this, just bought a sealed box (manufacturer packaged) of 4 100mg Sidegra for 180 baht. They also had a box of 50 Kamagra for 1500, the cheapest I've found. In my opinion Charoen Pharmacy is better than Southeast.
  9. Went to Southeast Pharmacy (highly recommended on BA and PA) and was quoted 2,000 baht for 50 pills. Is that a good price? I'm leaning towards no, because I've heard before that 50 pills can be had for 1,200 to 1,500 baht.
  10. Anyone know where the cheapest ST rooms are? I have heard there is a 300 baht ST room off a small soi near Hillary 2. I can't seem to find Hillary 2 though.
  11. Man, this is a depressing statistic. Means every fourth or fifth freelancer bang is with someone who has HIV. I know condoms help but they still have risks, and over a few years in the game I wonder how likely it is to still catch HIV despite condom use.
  12. I've read very high reviews for Bumrungrad for medical services. For health checkups and other areas of general practice, I'm looking for an alternative medical office that's smaller and lower cost, but still good quality care. Any other recommendations?
  13. I think I'd rather just spend the extra money to avoid being cooped up in a bus for 10+ hours, even if it means having a longer stopover in another country. If anyone else has done this, what flights do you recommend?
  14. As opposed to other countries in the same region, why does Thailand have higher quality medical care?
  15. With cheap and frequent bus rides,only two hours away, and Pattaya offering significantly cheaper bar girl prices, it seems like a great getaway every now and then. How often do you go?
  16. As someone who makes a lot of voice over IP (VOIP) calls, I need Internet that is very reliable. I hear that the Thais tend to set up their lines so that a single line effectively gets split into 20 when routed into apartment buildings, greatly reducing signal quality and reliability. if this is true it will mean that most places won't have the quality of Internet that I require. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Internet provider with stellar reliability? Connection quality and reliability are vastly more important than top-end speed to me.
  17. There are a lot of places in the world where people are "nice", but in my opinion this is a more fleeting trait than a culture rooted in tolerance. I don't know of any other place in the world where men feel safe changing their sex and acting like women. Combine that with the incredibly laid-back, smiley nature of the Thai people, who welcome foreigners into their land with a level of friendliness most other countries simply do not have, and I think they may be the most tolerant and open place in the world. Does anyone disagree? Are there even any other contenders for the most toler
  18. In the US one of my main ways of buying new things was online, mainly eBay. I know I won't be able to buy a lot of things from my old sources due to shipping costs and restrictions, but there are other items from China that I probably still could order online. question is how convenient and reliable the Thai post office is. I hear some countries have horrible postal carriers, constantly losing packages or mishandling the mail in other ways. For anyone who's received mail in Thailand, especially packages, how has the local post office treated you? And was it okay to have the address
  19. I'm looking for some ultra basic accommodations around Nana, six months or possibly longer. All I require is a small room that doesn't have paper-thin walls, is within a 20 minute walk of Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, and has Air Con. Do you have an idea of the ballpark price range for a basic long-term room in this area?
  20. I've heard there are "visa services" that take your passport and stamp it on your behalf, without you ever having to run to the border and back. Personally it sounds very risky to me to hand over a passport, so I wanted to ask if anyone else has done it and what your experience has been.
  21. I'm planning on staying in Bangkok for the midterm, six months to a year. The victory Monument area looks interesting, and I'm considering finding a place to live around there. Anyone have any good or bad things to say about the general area?
  22. Hi, does anyone know a good school in Bangkok to get a one-year educational visa with? An ex-pat in Pattaya told me he was able to pay a school 12,000 baht for a one-year visa, and he doesn't even attend the classes (apparently the school has no issue with this).
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