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  1. Well of course, it is a gloomy, depressed mood overall but beyond anybodies control. Tons of bargirls, bar staff and managers, are laid off on "unpaid leave" and remain in limbo. They face the uncertainty of not knowing when the bars can reopen. Fortunately though, Thais can stay with their families for free and certain Thais can claim up to 5000 baht per month from the Thai government.
  2. Thailand Imposes Curfew - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-thailand-curfew/thailand-imposes-nationwide-curfew-to-curb-coronavirus-idUSKBN21K261 Bangkok Post - https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1891810/nationwide-night-curfew-starts-friday
  3. The Game Bar & Grill do an awesome Nachos Supreme Tex-Mex The Game is on Sukhumvit Soi 9 under BTS Nana Skytrain Station
  4. COVID-19 Lockdown - Get your fast food fix! Regardless of the COVID-19 crisis these are useful food delivery numbers. 😋
  6. Bangkok Covid-19 Virus Update - CLICK HERE
  7. COVID-19 is an acronym for Coronavirus. Denis is correct.
  8. Typical Thailand, they gave no guidelines. Fortunately, Thailand is still safe to visit and it is good to see they are taking this seriously.
  9. The Nation Media Group has published a list of COVID-19 Virus High-Risk Nations. You are okay to enter Thailand unless you are flying in from one of these countries...
  10. SOI NANA - There is a selection of various street food stalls along Sukhumvit Soi 4 or the world famous "Soi Nana." It is located amid the heart of the nightlife action in the Big Mango near the BTS Nana Station. Along with the street food, you will find plenty of bars to wash it all down the hatch! :D
  11. Gallery Pizza Bangkok 020-411-044 (Daily Delivery From 11:00 AM Till 04:00 AM)
  12. Bangkok's Best Pizza Delivery Service! Gallery Pizza - 020-411-044 PIZZA - SALADS - BEER - WINE - SODA POP
  13. Special Promotion Still Going! Any Two Pizzas Only 499฿ :D
  14. Street Eat Beat Thailand has an abundance of great street food and Bangkok is a fine example. I respect the fact that "farangs" are charged the same as the Thai people. Tasty Barbecue Meat Skewers are just 10 baht, as they have been for many years now. There are numerous amounts of Thai Noodle, Som Tam and Fresh Fruit Stalls sold from mobile carts and from makeshift sidewalk stalls. When ordering street food the Thai term "suk suk" means well done. Don't worry you are not ordering oral sex! :D
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