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  1. SOI NANA - There is a selection of various street food stalls along Sukhumvit Soi 4 or the world famous "Soi Nana." It is located amid the heart of the nightlife action in the Big Mango near the BTS Nana Station. Along with the street food, you will find plenty of bars to wash it all down the hatch! :D
  2. Gallery Pizza Bangkok 020-411-044 (Daily Delivery From 11:00 AM Till 04:00 AM)
  3. Bangkok's Best Pizza Delivery Service! Gallery Pizza - 020-411-044 PIZZA - SALADS - BEER - WINE - SODA POP
  4. Special Promotion Still Going! Any Two Pizzas Only 499฿ :D
  5. Street Eat Beat Thailand has an abundance of great street food and Bangkok is a fine example. I respect the fact that "farangs" are charged the same as the Thai people. Tasty Barbecue Meat Skewers are just 10 baht, as they have been for many years now. There are numerous amounts of Thai Noodle, Som Tam and Fresh Fruit Stalls sold from mobile carts and from makeshift sidewalk stalls. When ordering street food the Thai term "suk suk" means well done. Don't worry you are not ordering oral sex! :D
  6. Reply from a He Clinic Specialist - “Low testosterone treatment can alleviate low testosterone symptoms." Millions of men suffer from low energy, low sex drive, poor sleep quality, or lack of mental clarity. Low T treatment at He Clinic for men can bring you back to form. Men begin to lose 1 to 3% of their testosterone every year, beginning at age 30. Many men suffer from andropause, commonly known as Low T or low testosterone, but they are not aware of it because the problem develops gradually, almost unnoticed. The effects of Low T are often confused with ‘old age’. The number of your years should not determine the level of your energy. After initial evaluation the He Clinic will recommend a Low T treatment proven to return your testosterone to a healthy level. After beginning a testosterone therapy program, patients report: • Increased energy level • Increased sex drive • Desire to be active in life • Increased muscle mass • Decrease in belly fat Finding out if low testosterone is affecting your life, book an appointment and start to get your life back on track. Give us a call at He Clinic +66 (0) 087 804 9542 or +66 (0)2 381 5155
  7. HE Clinic Press Release “The HE Clinic Men’s Lifestyle Clinic is a men's aesthetic and anti-ageing medical clinic, offering many services and procedures specifically for men. Our main aim is to improve and enhance the overall well-being, appearance and confidence of men. Our two founding doctors have more than 30 years of combined experience in aesthetic and plastic surgery with diplomas and practical work experience at some of the best aesthetic clinics in the world. Moreover, we offer only 100% safe and effective procedures, with thousands of satisfied patients from all over the world. We invite you to meet our doctors and learn more about what solutions we have, from nutrition, anti-ageing, face aesthetics, hair solutions or intimacy enhancement. The HeClinic Men’s Lifestyle Clinic specializes in a procedure of non-invasive, FDA-approved, hyaluronic acid injections, which you can have administered during your lunch break, leaving no scars. You can return to your usual sex life after one week. This naturally occurring bodily fluid also helps with premature ejaculation, small penis syndrome or SPS, buried penis syndrome, locker room syndrome, Peyronie’s Disease and micro penis issues. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and schedule a COMPLIMENTARY consultation with Dr Richard or Dr Chayut who will answer any of your questions, show you pictures before and after, and reassure you that all our methods and products are the highest quality, with guaranteed results. Give us a call at +66 (0) 087 804 9542 or +66 (0)2 381 5155. We look forward to hearing from you.”
  8. Try The Belly Buster Breakfast - 3 Eggs, 3 Bacon, 3 Sausages, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, Fried Slice, Black Pudding, Hash Brown, Toast, plus Tea, Coffee, or Orange Juice - 330 Baht Net (No Plus Plus Bullshit)!!! Standard English Breakfast ONLY 199฿ Net (Drinks Not Included).
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