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  1. I use Asavanant. Just off Thong Lo BTS. A bit more expensive that some, but very good and reasonable by US standards. http://www.asavanant.com/
  2. I always carry a laminated copy of my passport and that usually works when you need to present id. Do love the convenience of the rabbit card.
  3. I have stayed at The Raming Lodge,guest friendly and very convenient. Good breakfast as well.
  4. The Raming Lodge is a good choice,right on Loh Kroh Rd. http://www.raminglodge.com
  5. Thanks for the tips Realdaffeyduck. Will be there mid January.
  6. I think the Park at the entrance of Soi 10 has been sold to be developed into a Hotel/Condo Project. Any body seen any changes?
  7. I have stayed there before,nice simple Hotel and quiet. Little bit of a walk back from Sukhumvit,but the hotel will take you there when you are leaving from the hotel. The staff is good and breakfast is nice. Good value and GF.
  8. I am planning on a side trip to Cambodia and Vietnam next time I am in Thailand. Leave Bangkok for Hua Hin,then to PP. I hear there are options to take a boat from PP to Siam Reap. Anybody tried that?
  9. https://medlineplus.gov/mrsa.html Wow,hope you are doing better.
  10. I love Massage and Thailand has a very rich Traditional Massage Culture. However, quality varies and The Traditional Shops and Spa's generally have better trained Therapist. Age is also not a sure fire way to gauge experience. Trial and Error continues to be the only way to find what you like. Don't be shy about asking for soft or saying Bow bow. Not sure how it is spelled in Thai. Also, Cha Cha to go slow. Good luck, keep the faith, you will find what you seek.
  11. Do a search,there are several posts up on Chiang Mai. I like it, get a Hotel on Loi Kroh Rd. The Ramming Lodge is a reasonable choice in the middle of the action. Foxy Lady is nearby and is the only go go. There are a couple of Soapies near by,nearest one is just past the night market called CelebX,last I checked. I use Thai Airways or Air Asia,not sure about the others. Most things are cheaper there, lots of bargains at the night market. Plenty of options to play but nowhere like Bangkok or Pattaya. I always take the trip up to Doing Suthep,go early to avoid the Crowds. Be ready to see more C
  12. 55, I assume you mean Thai Herbal Ball Massage.
  13. Certainly pays to have a fully functional Smart phone and this is a great choice. Moto G plus 4th gen. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DZJFYLC/ref=twister_B01HJ30IO8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1Sprint Sprint phones use CDMA and ATT/T-Mobile use GSM, that is a what you need in Thailand. Best path from DFW is on American to Hong Kong 16.5 hrs., short layover then 2.5 hrs to Bangkok. I would stay near Nana on a first visit. Check out Dynasty Grand.
  14. Google Voice is 2 cents a minute from the US. Cost $20 to get a Google voice number and you prepay. You can call from Thailand to US for free if you are using wifi.
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