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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry, but I got the dates wrong. Visakha Bucha is May 15. The day off is May 16. Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day is May 13. So no alcohol sells from midnight Satuday 5/14 to Sunday midnight 5/15. That's not so bad. That won't interfere with my activities.
  2. Now that LOS is opening without quarantines. My self and I’m sure many other BM are looking at their calendar and searching airfares to see when they can return. Unfortunately for me, it will be early May 2022 before I can return. I was looking at the Thailand national holiday schedule. I try to avoid going during national holidays. I’m familiar with Songkran and the craziness that goes along with that holiday. I will a void that holiday like the Covids. I see there are national holidays called Visakha Bucha on May 6-8 and the Royal Ploughing Ceremony on May 16. . Are any BM familiar with these holidays? Does Thailand shut down completing like with no alcohol sells? And do the bar girls usually return back to their province during this time? I’m trying to get a handle on these holidays on whether I should schedule around them. I appreciate any input from BM on Thai holidays.
  3. no, the Holiday Inn Express at the end of Soi 11 is definitely in the Holiday Inn family. The hotel is only 2 years old. holidayinn.com
  4. I am also a IHG customer with Holiday Inn. I stayed at the Holiday Inn on Soi 22 and Sumhumvit in Oct. 2014 and it was guest friendly. Front desk sometimes did not ask for ID. I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Soi 11 in 2 weeks. I expect it will be guest friendly as well. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Makati , Manila. The staff was always cool. Doormen would give me a head nod and smile of approval on some of my FL pulls from Cafe Havana .
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