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  1. I stayd there, likd it. Its owned by Indians but u dont see n e working there. They got a free tuktuk up the soi n sometime good deals online
  2. For German breakfast, there is Heidelberg on Soi 4 after Nana Plaza same side of street Le Bon Pain on Soi 11 is a chain I done lunch there but I'd b surprised if they dont do brekfast
  3. A buddy just told me that Old German Bierhaus got 115 baht good American breakfast with coffee. I expect they add 17% but still good value My buddy is a fussy fat barsteward
  4. I usualy pay 200 for 4 Sidenagra 300 for 4 Kamagra Forget Viagra and theres a lot of fakes around I'd rather pay 50 baht each for a packet of 4 Sidenagra. If u buy 50 pills they are presumably loose not vacuum packed n will lose potency in the heat and exposed to the elements
  5. I'm coming to Bangkok in August But dont decided where to stay. My fave l8 afternoon activity is jogging Lumpini park but last time I was there, it was full of buses and protesters in tents so u cudnt run Is it ok to presume the park is back to normal now? Otherwise I stay On Nut they got big park there and Saphan Kwai agogo nearby Thanx
  6. I am a pizzaiolo by professin, worked in Stockholm's most popular joint I guess that makes me a fussy barsteward and I dont never found a really good joint in BKK but passable. The dough should be made 1 and 2 days b4 and left in the fridge, then mixed in proportion with fresh dough made on the day for the best result. I never noticed them do this in BKK and the humidity in the air also affects resulting taste. I usualy feel bloated after eating which shouldnt happen. Also I dont like that they give u bread or pretzel then add 17% to ur check bean what is that shit they all do it
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