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  1. This. Start the roleplay and problem solved 🙂
  2. The Landmark has parking I think. The Hilton on Soi 2, which used to be Majestic Grande also has a place to park your car.
  3. It seemed the styling was not working. Now everything is ok again :)
  4. Hi there mods, Is there a reason why some of the pages of the forum show up in "HTML" style? I have tried deleting all history etc., even tried another browser..(chrome & Firefox) Is it just me or are there more people with the same issue? Anyone know how to solve this issue?
  5. "Bangkok has him now"

  6. 500 baht per hour...that's what I heard ;)
  7. Read several reviews on Majestic Grande that it will be sold to Hilton. Renovation is going on. Hope it won't drive the prices up.. Will check it out next month.
  8. Not sure if this helps you: Haven't been in any of the mentioned hotels, but when I travel I pick and select my hotel based on: Location, how far or how near is the hotel from my POI's Price (comparison) Reviews/ratings on Tripadvisor and other bookingsites Pictures of the room(s) Oyster is a good website with pros, cons and lot's of pictures. Breakfast included Located near a shoppingmall Hope you make the right choice ;)
  9. Saw this at Bangkok Flight Services : We are sorry to inform you that the airport authorities have changed the policy on Premium Fast track coupons usage and has advised us of the following with immediate effect. Only Passengers holding First and Business class tickets will be allowed to use the Premium Fast track coupons and channels. Passengers travelling in economy class will not be allowed to use Premium Fast track channel.
  10. Bm's, thinking bout getting a fast track this time. Where can i get one, reliable and thrustworthy?
  11. If authorities or whoever finds out, it's the problem of the owner. Your only problem might be finding another place to stay.
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