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  1. I agree with Kopite. I would have let her know she is ripping me off but give the 1500 and get on with it.
  2. Sorry..I should have been more clear. My trip is a few months away.
  3. I just read this and cannot stop laughing ...
  4. I love Sukhumvit Road. If for nothing else, just to observe.
  5. Great information as I shall be arriving early Sunday morning
  6. I will be staying at the Grand Swiss on Soi 11. Is it very difficult to go to Nataree massage by train>
  7. What would be a good breakfast place on Soi 11?
  8. This is one thing I am looking forward to experience on my next trip to Bangkok.
  9. Last time I was in Bangkok I bought some Cialis from a Chemist on Soi 11.They worked great.
  10. I love this thread. I have two day stay in Bangkok in December and shall be staying at the Grand Swiss Hotel.Which bars on Soi 11 are good options for Freelancers?
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