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  1. 2:0 for Japan and then Belgium wins! Great stuff
  2. May I ask what the differences are to a handjob?
  3. The hotel is fine and it should be possible to walk with a girl from NEP to the hotel. Actually I would laugh at the girl if she was asking about taxi or something like that.
  4. Regarding Uber drivers. If you choose credit card some of them don't like it and may even not come. I never took the time to complain in these cases. You also don't have proof that it happened because of your payment method. If you pay cash there's also a chance that you give a small tip. However it's good to have an Uber account as an additional option
  5. thank you for the pictures. soi 11 is always fun to hang out and meet new people :)
  6. yeah you have to stay up late in bangkok for this world championship
  7. with luggage taxi is the only option imho.
  8. I personally think Pattaya is shit so I just stay in Bangkok before travelling further.
  9. paid 400. the first driver asked for 500 i got out. nobody wanted to use the meter. they are all criminals!
  10. Hotel is okay, but I had to pay in advance online which I didn't like.
  11. interesting. do you have a web page? where are the best Salsa social parties in bangkok?
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