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  1. No, not worth that. Stick with apcalis, should run about 400 baht.
  2. I had no problem on my trip from DMK to Sukhumvit. It probably took no more than 50 minutes via tollway.
  3. As long as he takes the tollway it's not going to be too bad. Should run between 250-350 (at most) plus around 100-120 baht for tolls.
  4. I'll try it my next trip. I almost went to Sakura, but I was feeling a bit under the weather. Is a handjob at the end of the service at Nico and Sakura? I wouldn't even mind if that wasn't included.
  5. I'm no cheap charlie, but I'll just take them back to my hotel room then. I would've considered 300-350 baht if feeling too lazy.
  6. I see mixed results online. Any experiences and any recommendations? Is it anything like Akane (I wasn't impressed)?
  7. Anyone know the price of ST accommodations here?
  8. I've used AIS for years until last year when I accidentally went to the wrong booth at the airport and got dtac. When I first visited Thailand I always used true and I absolutely hated it as it seemed they would spam you like crazy unlike AIS and Dtac.
  9. Don't waste your time with chok chai. Yeah, it's really cheap but it might be worse than sizzler.
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