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  1. I have an old iphone 4 I think it is. Will these work in an old iphone? I have my current iphone 6 but need that for work however a work around could be swapping sims - would that also work. I would rather the latter.
  2. Thanks guys and Billy. This is exactly the sort of recommendation I wanted. I know there are hundreds of repair shops but I got to work while away and if the laptop comes back not working then I am in deep dog poo. So I will sort it near end of my trip just in case.
  3. I had a cocktail there and it was expensive. Not sure how much but eye watering. Lots of rich Russians up there when I went and you must all know what they are like.
  4. Thanks guys. I am hoping the screen repair is just a loose cable as that is what the symptons suggest. Its an IPS screen and HD so as you said hope not. Computer cost of £1k and has served me well. I do try and upgrade every 3 years so just coming up to that. Its from PC Specialist.
  5. I need when I am in Bangkok in a few weeks to get my laptop repaired. It has a screen fault where it turns itself off if I move the screen to much or put the power supply when the screen is at the right angle - it goes back on pressing the power supply but my heart misses a beat each time. Also need a hard disk imaged and a higher capicity disk put in. Now I know there are hundreds of shops and there is pantip plaza etc but this is my workhorse which I use every hour of the day. I am self employed and need it for work. So even if it costs more if you have a recommendation where they can do this with care then please let me know.
  6. Well I think I will have to revisit and in case I am missing out on luxury due to one bad experience. Will ask for the softly softly approach and will try your recommendation Lev123
  7. So what is the crack. I was once some time back, by some water falls I think in Chang Mai and there were a few people offering massage so I decided on having my very first foot massage. I like the feeling of soft squeezing of the foot etc. Well what took place by whom I believe was a very inexperienced young lad amounted to torture. It was just rubbing of the bone for a long time and poking and prodding which was very painful and not very comfortable, so much in fact I had to ask him to stop. He looked a bit upset and I managed to get a shoulder which was also painful but I carried that through. Now I have read so many times about a wonderful foot massage and we all know it got a man thrown out of a window in a classic movie, so what I am missing out on? Did I just get a bit of a dud and should I go back for a revisit?
  8. Booked two days at Majestic so hopefully will be a nice spot. I needed to upgrade to deluxe room as I really fancy walk in shower as that is one of the things I like to do with my girl and those bath tub stand over showers are no good.
  9. Thanks - I am usually supper to many mosquito's. Did not realise that deet only needed up to 30% as i usually try and get best. When I was there with friends many years ago myself and a friend got bit but other 3 got off lightly. We were the only ones drinking jack daniels and coke.!!
  10. I did a tour from Khao San Road which is the only time I ever been there - in order to meet our guide. It was fab as we used very well looked after and good quality mountain bikes. Crossed the river on the boat with our bike a few times and ended up biking in the out skirts where 99% of tourists have never been. We were biking past villages and very poor areas but all the kids came out to wave and we spoke to a few. Its an excellent experience to see areas you never would. It was quite some time back so don't know details but tripadvisor would be a good place to start.
  11. Were staying in Karon which is not to far from Patong. So quiet beach life for the day time and off to party town at night if wanted - I think its 15 mins away. Last time stayed in Kata which is another stop away and again not to far.
  12. Will try the anti glide stuff. Did try and buy talc in bkk last time. However the girls behind the counter of boots the chemist thought it was hillarious that I tried buying the tester bottle instead of the huge normal size bottle. I really didn't want to be carrying around a kilo of talc with me.
  13. No not what you think or as one member described 600 reps per minute and things soon get sore. No I always suffer and its probably as I am too fat (well I am not that bad) but chafing at the top of my thighs. This only happens in warm weather so when I get to Thailand and I walk a lot I start to get sore. Anyone else experience it. I know its the same as runners nipple etc and you can buy cream but I tried cream and it just seemed to make things worse. So what I need is proper boxer shorts etc to wear which will stop skin on skin down there. So any recommendations bar wearing cycling shorts.
  14. Thanks all. Mr Freeze 15th to 19th Dec - booked for 500 english pounds exactly and that is family room with breakfast. Re other suggestions yes wife and daughter are with me but I might have a wander around on my own when I can - wink wink.
  15. Well despite the room being cheaper with Hotel.com. Marriott will not accept the claim as for some reason they think £500.00 is more expensive than £637.00. They seem to be comparing their rate before tax with the hotels.com rate after tax. We have gone back and forth and now they are insistant that when I get to the hotel I will pay much more than £500.00 despite hotels.com guaranteeing this is the final price. I accept if we have extras yes but Marriott don't seem to accept this. I have cancelled the direct Marriott booking and if at the end of the day it is cheaper with receipts I will escalate to a complaint. My friend who deals with hotels a lot said they often refuse to match.
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