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  1. Thanks sounds good. Now need to figure out how to get a large suitcase from Walking Street hotel to bus station and how much that would cost? Any idea on bus time schedules? Thanks
  2. Anyone have any information on 7 day promos currently available etc? Not the tourist sims Thanks
  3. Hi, The disco I usually ventured to closed a while back. I know there is Insanity at the end of Soi 11 which has a few FL's, are there any other options? My preference is usually to pick up a FL from a disco. Thanks
  4. Hi, Can anyone provide any recommendations on Genuine Deep Tissue or Thai Massage options? Normally I go to one on Soi 7/1 - which was previously recomended, just wondered of alternatives near Nana BTS? Thanks
  5. Hi, Planned to get a Bell Bus from Pattaya and then BTS or Grab/Uber to my hotel and when leaving from BKK a Grab/Uber - are these both still the best cost effective ways? I understand there is also the option of using the BTS to go to the airport. Thanks
  6. Hi, In the past I've always gone to Superich at the BTS station, is that still the exchange which usually offers the best rate? Thanks
  7. Hi, I recall picking up just a basic sim card (non tourist) from BKK airport and applying a promo for 7 days unlimited internet. This worked out similar to the tourist sim cards sold at the airport but appeared to be more cost effective - anyone have any information on 7 day promos currently available etc? Thanks
  8. Hi, In the past I've always got Bell to go back to BKK and then a BTS or Uber/Grab to Nana BTS. For bus trasnsfers would this still be the best option? Thanks
  9. Hi, My flight lands on a Tuesday at 17:35 and I think the last bell bus according to their online schedule is at 18:00. There is another airport bus service to Pattaya from the airport I think at 7pm - would this be the best option? I wish to get to Walking Street Pattaya. The Bell service drops off at hotels, what would be the best stop I should depart from with the Airport Bus and how could I easily get to Walking Street with a large suitcase without paying over the odds? Thanks
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