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  1. Never had this happen to me in my 14 stays at the hotel. Or do you mean your in the room and the girl comes to your room escorted by the staff member?
  2. Do you have the Thai sim card or phone with the Thai number with you? Also check this link that might help. http://official-blog.line.me/en/archives/1074054356.html
  3. My first thought is The Game near Nana BTS. Also try The Sportsman in Soi 13
  4. I used to check in at Hotel, shower and head out for a BJ and a beer followed by a lot more beer.... ahhh the good old days. And last few hours on leaving do it in reverse- check out go have a few drinks then get a BJ and back to hotel to pick up bag and head to airport. Lately I’ve become boring and check in then wait for my regular girl to show up and then go eat and relax until the evening when it would be sexy time and sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have never stayed but looking at it on a map it is far from any action i.e. NEP and Soi Cowboy. I regularly stay at Four Points in Soi 15 which might be worth you changing too depending on price compared to your chosen Hotel. Other Hotels to look at are Dream Hotel in Soi 15 or Arte Hotel in Soi 19. Best way to get a recommendation is post your room budget range per night in Baht i.e. 1500 THB to 2500 THB a night and if wanting breakfast included etc.
  6. On a computer bring up the Marriott website and search for the booking dates and under the offers tab you should see what’s available. LTS is a long term rate , ADV or ADP ??? Will bring up and advance purchase rate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. How many nights you looking at staying there? There is different promo codes that will discount the room depending on length of stay when booking direct. I have found the price will increase the closer to your required date. I’m currently there on a 10 nights stay which I booked months in advance as a flexible rate with promo code LTS and in the last couple months the prepaid rate has been above what I am paying. As for taxi or walking, walking would be a lot quicker. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I just checked the app and it says Nana branch is inside the station where as Asok is listed outside station. If I remember I'll double check next week when I am back in town.
  9. From memory the Super Rich (Orange) at Nana BTS is after the turnstiles and this might be why some have not noticed it.
  10. As everyone has said, Vasu is closed on Sunday and also the head office branches of Super Rich - Green and Orange, with the other branches dotted around Bangkok open. The Super Rich Orange and Super Rich Green smart phone app has locations and opening hours.
  11. Is it new?.... Yes and no, been around about 6 or more months now. In April when I was there I was never asked though at Asoke or Siam station which surprised me. Everyone with a Rabbit card is meant to register it against their ID card / Passport. When I read about it I thought it was a once off registration and then top up without needing to produce the ID or Passport again but I think it is meant to be every time.
  12. For the places such as Boots... or is it Watson’s ... I can never remember, yes but the pharmacy you see along the streets you can walk in without one and ask for virtually anything you want. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I've never stayed at GCP T21 but have multiple times at Four Points (It's my regular hotel now). Four Points has an entrance you can use from Soi 17, just use your room card to open the gate and walk along the path to the door near the restaurant. You are far enough away from reception to not really be noticed.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: The staff there once helped my bar fine of the night get from the taxi to the room in a wheel chair they had in the lobby. What a night, vomited over by her in the taxi, her arguing with the taxi driver over the cleaning fee he wanted (I was happy with his request and she was not) then her dropping to the ground legless drunk which lead to them getting a wheel chair and escorting us to the room. A couple hours of me looking after her while she dry reached and slept on and off was rewarded with her waking up horny as hell later in the night and climbing on top and going for it... 3 times that night. Ahhhhh memories :wub: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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