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  1. Wonderful advice and photos. Your help is much appreciated! If you see a big man hobbling around Nana next week, say hello! Cheers
  2. Have got a few days stopover in Bangkok. But I have broken my leg and am using crutches. I should cancel. However I thought fuck it why not see if I can grab a disabled room and get in-calls booked. I love the Nana area. Does anyone know of a hotel that has disabled friendly rooms? I need a separate shower (prefer no bath), a seat to sit while showering, and handrails. I have emailed Majestic Grande but no response yet. Usually I stay at Majestic Suites, but they have showers over baths, and huge steps at the entry. Any advice appreciated. Cheers PS - oh and if anyone is out and about NP next week and could help a brother out I will buy you a beer or two!
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