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  1. HMMM good... finger condoms. I had two flights cancelled to the city of angels in the last week. I guess i can take a hint and give up for a few months. FFS! i was really looking forward to the big squirt gun fight in April. Still, i would love to hear some reports from boots on the ground.... What's it like out there boys? find any good speakeasies?
  2. Has anyone been through Thai Immigration in the last 24 hours? Any bar closings? I'm sure there are rumors. I'm flying into BKK in two days, or not. I have a quite high risk tolerance, but not much fun to be in self quarantine and no where to go anyway. Esta Americano
  3. Yeah... the BangkokPost is not on the ground in our favorite tourist ghettos.
  4. dashi

    goo กู

    Yes. This is why it's interesting. I find definitions that make it a 1st person pronoun (I): impolite, arrogant, self-demeaning or archaic where it's dated back to a period of Burmese or Khmer occupation. I see it used alot in written form, but don't think i ever heard it. As it's slang i'm sure no one thinks about the origin. But i can't quite figure out what it means or how someone uses it, or if it's just a written thing. It's just curiosity, i'll ask a couple Thais what it means when i get back there next week. trying to decipher off-the-cuff social media posts is fun and frustrating. F
  5. dashi

    goo กู

    Thanks for your opinion. Your prejudice puts you well on the way to full acceptance into Thai society. Bravo! Get back to me on your efforts to rank highly in the Thai hierarchy. I'm a drunk irish lowlife and i hang out with bargirls and the rest of that vast uneducated majority. So, why would i not want to learn from them? If you read the question i presented, you will notice that i made no reference to the pronoun meung or intention to use it. You may be interested to know that self deprecation has social utility, thus my interest in using goo
  6. dashi

    goo กู

    I'm always learning little bits of Thai. One day i suspect i'll be able to speak and understand everything... Maybe another lifetime. Anyone know about this interesting, derogatory pronoun : goo กู ? As in Goo rak neu. I'm not hiso and don't hang out with them, and it's self deprecating so i don't see how anyone could take offense at me referring to myself as a lowlife. I've had some interesting reactions from bargirls on the few occasions i've used it. Anyone understand the nuances of using this 1st person pronoun?
  7. Years ago, i picked a lolitas lady for a suck..... didn't think about the somtam they were eating. Damn that hurt. Like the first time you catch your dick in your zipper, never forget it and avoid at all cost.
  8. Obviously, everyone is different, and i don't know what kind of shoes you wear. Ive been around lower suk so much that i don't want to live there. It's a tourist ghetto, not authentic. Everthing is more expensive, and i get a bad vibe hanging around there day after day. Like people start to recognize you and think "there's that pervert again." Thai people in normal neighborhoods are more friendly. i never bring one nightstands to my home. If she's good value then ok, but some of them are nuts and i don't want them knocking on my door. Its pretty sweet to have some favorites you can drop a line
  9. Songkran Sanuk MakMak! i love Songkran! i've been three times in the last ten years. If i lived there i might get fed up with it, but if you're on vacation, and not the super serious type that still likes to play.... even if you are it's worth going once. It's a great way to meet Thais outside the tourist business, maybe make life long friends. Socially it's important. Despite Thais outward projection of tolerance, society is conservative. they have a fairly rigid class system, they have to tamp down their emotions alot. Songkran is a good relief valve. With the nation in mourning for
  10. I always get the shits after eating with bargirls, but i do it anyway. the thing that always does it is somtam, i suspect it's from the old wooden bowls soaked in nam pla, fish sauce. Stick with fried food, soups and fresh fruits. If you're only in BKK and Pattaya, there's lots of western food available. Food safety is pretty good in Thailand compared to most other asian countries.
  11. Lock up your stuff if you bring lady to your room. Those are the ones that will steal, don't blame the cleaning ladies!
  12. Yeah, japanese like to keep to there own. They are not from a melting pot country like most farang. It makes them uncomfortable.Ive been out with a japanese american friend and i can say you're not missing out on much. Hostess style nightlife is not to my taste. If you want a taste of something different, go out to the Thai nightclubs on Suitisan. You'll be welcome, best to take a mate.
  13. "Barbershops" are the usual front for brothels in China. Shenzhen just mainland of Hong Kong has a full on apartment building, with the shops on the street level and the girls take you upstairs. Never seen it in BKK, though.
  14. The straight massage places give healthy massage, can't really find it in the tourist ghettos. They are a great value and you'll feel like a million baht. In this situation, pick the big lady, not the pretty girl. They need some weight behind them to depressurize your valves.
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