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  1. We are aware of this guys but are a bit stumped. All settings are correct i.e. same as PA, but its fkked it seems We are trying to get answers from Invision.
  2. Yes Landmark is totally guest friendly. Indeed whenever I have stayed there they dont even ask the girl to check in as you hit the lifts before you get to reception. I am NOT suggesting you don't check a girl in just saying it is easily done and they don't seem to bat an eyelid.
  3. Hi js89 Thanks for raising this. Its a bit beyond me but i can say with 100% certainly that domain/website is not mine. It is also not on our server at all. We have a dedicated server and host only our own sites on there - 100% that is not one of them. I am not tech minded so I don't claim to understand what these people have done but will get it looked into - so thanks again.
  4. I have stayed at Heaven@4 twice. Both were for reviews so just one night each time. It is a great place if you like "boutique" style. It is also very close to Nana Plaza. I found it nice and good value but I am not a fan of boutique style. I think better hotels in the locality are The Dawin and, especially, Aspen Suites which I just discovered and which is awesome in terms of quality, size and price.
  5. I believe it is owned by Thais. They are actually Sikh but 3rd generation Thai. I did not see any Indian guests when I was there. http://www.agoda.com/aspen-suites-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html?cid=1412148
  6. Sorry guys i saw this thread late - I have posted my own review of Aspen Suites here http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/4384-aspen-suites-my-recent-stay/
  7. I usually stay in the Dawin for my trips to BKK. Nice place and good value at around 1900-2000 per night with breakfast. However, this visit (just 2 nights) I was persuaded by a friend to try Aspen Suites. It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 2 which is the Soi adjacent to Soi Nana. It is however about the same walking time from NEP as the Dawin whcih is on Soi 4 itself. I booked the Deluxe Room with breakfast at 1489 inc taxes on Agoda (prices vary depending on offers at the time). I am VERY glad I did. This place is super quality, indeed I would rate it up with the Landmark which is 3x the price. Room was excellent, pool was great! It has a pretty decent decent looking gym although I dont use them so I cannot comment too much on that. Best of all was the breakfast buffet which was as good as I have had in BKK and I have always rated Landmarks breakfast buffet as the best I have experienced personally. Having reviewed countless hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok I think I can safely say this is the best value for money I have experienced. OK, in reality it is NOT the Landmark - but at 33% of the price, and with BIGGER rooms, the value and standards are really quite awesome No pics but plenty on the Agoda Page (even if you dont book with them). On an extra note - a small tip. Right opposite the hotel entrance there is a small Turkish restaurant. It was wonderful. I am a bit of a fan of Turkish food but even if you are not it is well worth a try.
  8. As mentioned before hotelscombined.com compares all the major online bookers. I stil use Agoda as I dind it cheapest most of the time and as a frequent user the loyalty points add up. Note if you book them via combinedhotels.com you dont get the loyalty points.
  9. As a long time resident of President Park I was opposite the hotel every day. It is certainly very nice. Given the way its owner has made his fortune is surprising it is not girl friendly but he has tried to build a very upmarket place so it doesnt surprise me. FYI President Park IS girl friendly if you like that location. Davis Hotel reviews
  10. 30k would get you all you need depending on the area you wish to live. I could recommend Ekkamai and Thong Lor which are very popular areas with expats and you should get what you want inside your budget there. To get the best deals use the THAI Online agencies - NOT the farang ones. They can be anything up to 50% cheaper for the same type of apartments. 9Apartment has a good rep and although you may need some help with the Thai you can see the lower prices quite clearly.
  11. The Cathouse used to have a great reputation. Then it changed ownership and it went downhill very fast as they pulled the "drink as much as you can" Happy Hour. Good to hear its better again as I always enjoyed sitting there. Can see some reviews here Cathouse Nana Plaza - might be worth saying there that its improved again :)
  12. Good option is Woraburi. Cheaper and much nicer rooms than Nana Hotel. Its located on Soi Nana but is a bit of a trek down. Double occupancy with 2 breklkies is under 1000 on Agoda.com and Agoda is MUCH cheaper than booking direct or walking in.
  13. I wouldnt mind seeing Ribery either mate but then again I love flying piggies too. Is the Huntelaar saga ongoing? Anyone snapped him up?
  14. I will be blunt, its a dump and experience or not experience you would never catch me in there again. If what you say above is true you can double that dislike!! Try the Woraburi about 150 metres down Soi 4. Very nice rooms although smaller than Nana. Available on Agoda for around 900 baht (2 persons + brekkie).
  15. Yes, but this has one distinct downside. Even in low season the best places fill first and doing it this way dramatically reduces your chances of getting your first choice hotel. If you then end up spending half a day traipsing around finding one you like with availability thats half a day wasted IMO. I do accept there are benefits to this method but for me having the max' time enjoying myself is the main consideration.
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