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  1. Cheers for the well wishes guys. I had an absolute tear up in Nana Plaza last night and bar fined three girls. Two short times from Billboard and a long time from Twister. I spent 18k baht but had one of the best nights of my life.
  2. This is my experience. Take from it what you want. You'll probably think "well you were just unlucky" or "I've never had a problem with EVA before" but I just want to share my experience to warn others. I too have flown with EVA before and thought they are a great airline but after this experience my trust in them as an airline has been completely shattered and I will never fly with them again. I'm currently sat in the Crowne Plaza hotel outside Terminal 4 of Heathrow and it's more than 40 hours since I was initially scheduled to fly. Here's my story. I had a 2120 flight booked on Tuesday the
  3. If you want my advice don't book through a tour operator. Hire a motorbike yourself and have the freedom to do it the way you want to do it. It's much more fun.
  4. The question you presented was: I then gave you an answer which was that this derogatory pronoun is not a good one to use as it is slang. I appreciate that you made no reference to the pronoun "mung" but I thought I would give you another even worse example of a derogatory pronoun that a farang shouldn't use in Thailand, thinking that perhaps you might use it and then experience a bad reaction which would be a lesson learnt for you not to use these words. If you are only ever conversing with bar girls then using "goo" and other similar words is appropriate but I don't understand why y
  5. You're not sure? So can you or can't you as I was hoping to use the swimming pool.
  6. 40 days until I'm back in Bangkok......

  7. Learning to speak Thai from bar girls is the worst way to learn Thai. The vast majority of them are uneducated and speak poor Thai which is characterised by lots of slang words and phrases that someone with a good command of the language would rarely use. If you learn to speak Thai from bar girls it will be obvious where you have learnt to speak it and you'll be treated with more disdain by educated Thai people. If you're determined to use derogatory pronouns use "mung" instead of "khun" for "you" and let us know how you get on with that.
  8. Yes exactly why I'm staying there because at just over £100 for three nights that is great value and of course it's right on the door step of NEP which is very handy and means there's no need to pay for short time hotels.
  9. At the start of my upcoming trip I'm staying at this very popular mongers hotel. I haven't stayed here for about eight years so I was wondering what it's like these days and whether or not is has been refurbished since I last stayed there?
  10. I love Krung Thep and I could easily come up with a hundred but these are my ten personal favourites: 1) Visit Wat Traimit in Chinatown. This is one of my favourite temples in Thailand because I love gold. Wat Traimit houses the largest solid gold object in the world and weighs 5.5 tons. Yes really, it is solid gold. No matter how many times I go to see this temple I'm always left in complete awe at the magnificence of this statue. 2) Visit Lumphini Park. The park is beautiful and a great place to chill out for a few hours. It's always a hive of activity too and worth going to just to
  11. I'm interested in researching large warehouse outlets in Bangkok that supply the shops and businesses in Thailand. The places that the smaller shops buy their goods from whole sale for cheaper prices. I'm particularly interested in ornamental and hand crafted Thai items. Any information would be appreciated. Even names would be a start. My Thai wife has told me the name of one wholesaler she remembered called (phonetical translation) "bow bay" but we can't find it. Which are the largest ones and what are their names?
  12. The pros and cons of staying at the Nana hotel have been discussed to death on every mongers forum. I have stayed there and I quite liked it but many say it is a shit hole. Each to their own. I'll tell you the pros and cons: Pros Huge rooms Cheap for the location Right on the doorstep of NEP (ridiculously close) and not far from Soi Cowboy No joiner fee (so yes you can take two girls back if you wish) Only have to walk to the car park for a FL Cons For the same price you can get a better hotel elsewhere Archaic facilities in the rooms It needs to be refurbished
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