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  1. Fair question. Even though I'd prefer to not be in Bangkok for any extended length of time, living in Thailand, sometimes I don't have the choice. So it helps to know as much as possible, to make the best of a necessary situation. Case in point, my next overnight in Bangkok is mostly because of an appointment with a shop that only has a location in Bangkok. With no other location, the only other choice would be not making the appointment, and I'd rather not do that.
  2. Honestly, I generally try to avoid Bangkok as much as possible. 🙂 Next week I'll be arriving in Bangkok in the early afternoon on a domestic flight and then flying to the western US on the following afternoon. On the way back from the US next month, I'll fly into BKK in the morning, and fly out on a domestic flight a few hours later. So, the first six hours this time will be sort of a new experience. I'll fly in, catch a pre-ordered taxi to the pre-booked hotel on Sukhumvit. My plan is to get a coffee somewhere near by the hotel, and then walk to one of the two Hwang Jae barbershops and spend 90 minutes there. Following that I have a business appointment which is the biggest reason for spending the night in Bangkok, and then finding somewhere good for dinner. Follow that up with a foot massage at some shop near the hotel, and that should fill up the first six hours. 🙂 I'd normally look for Mexican food if I were spending any time in Bangkok, but since I'll be on my way back to the west coast of the US, that Bangkok staple experience seems totally unnecessary. 555
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