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  1. does Anyone Know if What Pho Is underwater
  2. Its all about opinions I love the place. Mrs B whitehouse is still spinning in her grave.
  3. Shoul have sold a kidney instead the pain would not last as long if he's caught
  4. I think they made a mistake by not connecting straight to the skytrain. ok if your traveling light but if you have full cases its to much hassel just get the good old taxi. got a drivers number just phone him he always turs up on time.
  5. Majestic suites all you need in a hotel, near nana helpfil staff clean rooms, noisy some times hey your in down town Bangkok not a retierment home. get your taxi to drop you at the mcdonalds/petrot station at the end of soi4.
  6. Stayed there two years ago not great room and no window so ask to see the room before you pay.
  7. Whats the temp like all year round. are there many shootings???
  8. This was six years ago the marrage visa was five hundred pounds. we got married in Scotland the marrage visa only valid for six months. once married we had to go back for another visa for two years, after that she passed the living in britain test so has now got a brit passport. saves a lot of hassle. only had to show bank statments and prove i had enough income to keep her here without claiming state benifits. sent some pics of my home to prove place big enough for both of us. I did not have a lot of money in bank but had a regular wage showing on statments. Hope this helps.
  9. I brought my future wife to the UK on a visitor visa first. she went back waited a month asked for a marrage visa to get married in Scotland. this was granted no problem. only advice from me is you cant give them to much info, only to little and dont tell any lies, once you have lost the trust of the visa office your stuffed fail to prepair, prepair to fail???????
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