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  1. Hi to all BM's This will be my 2nd time in BKK & was thinking taking a guiding tour (tourist stuff, palace etc...)I was looking on the boards & see very little bout it. was wondering if anyone has done any of these tours before mongering at night?
  2. Good Day lult,

    1st have to say I not only enjoyed your TR here & on BKKLB.net, and it is very informative. I do have a question I just received this PM from "Willow". I know I am a newbie, I hope Im not being offensive but is this common & I noticed that he is an advance member and I don't want to step on anyones toes:

    Sent Today, 03:02 AM

    Hi mate...

  3. I know this is short notice but has anyone recently had a layover in Taipei? Can you tell me you experiences. I will be arriving Tuesday 6 Nov. 0610 am till 0840am. Anything bout 2nd check thru customs/immigration. thanks for any info in advance Tungeteaser
  4. Thanks for all the Info, really appreciate you guys taking the time to answer. I was thinking of buying a samrtpass, I guess I just go with the flow day by day.
  5. Hi all BM's, I know this maybe a stupid/newbie question, But I was planning to actually do some sight seeing during the day. so I was wondering what is better to do just pay for taxi's or use the BTS. I used the BTS last year & it wasn't that confusing. Because of the flooding/first time, I did not get around much. So I payed by the trip. I was thinking of either of getting a smart pass or day pass? I guess my question is which the best option for a newbie traveling alone? I will be staying in BKK Nov 6th - 14th.
  6. Plahgat thanks for the pictures and your review. Hoping I get some decent wifi service but will adapt. When I get there and if you're town 1st beer on me ok!
  7. Hello to all BM's I've been reading over the board & been thinking for my 8 day stay in BKK to stay in Maxim's Inn.I've understand that it was just renovated, was hoping if anyone has stayed there recently and could advise which room to request to get good wifi, and privacy. any help will be appreciated Tungeteaser
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