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  1. I'll be there in July. Can anyone confirm the news story below that says the train will be open in July? NEWS UPDATE... 29th April, 2010 Soft launch of Airport Rail Link suspended due to political turmoil BANGKOK, April 29 (TNA) – Thailand's Ministry of Transport has postponed its April 30 soft opening of the Airport Rail Link for safety reasons but commercial service will operate in July as scheduled, said Minister Sophon Zarum. The suspension followed the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) concern over the safety of commuters who would use the test-run Airp
  2. I don't see much news here. Maybe I should go back to Pattaya Addicts forums and look there. I'm looking for hotels right now and trying to decide how to split my time between Pattaya and Bangkok. I usually prefer to book hotels in advance, but if I don't know the situation in Bangkok, that could be tough. Are things back to normal or is the center of town still kind of trashed?
  3. Tourists have no business messing with the politics of the place they visit.
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