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  1. ^^ Cheers. I didn't know about the disco with freelancers. Any idea of how busy it is during the week? I'd probably be there on a Tuesday or Wednesday. ^ I've only been to the bars down town once, I went along them and she was the best, when I went back to her bar she asked if I wanted LT or ST, I asked how much, 1000b. I don't care about money but after years of living here am certainly not desperate for sex, I just said mai pen rai and got back to my beer, she paniced at this bizarre situation and just said, I think it was 700b and not 800b. Remember that you hold all the cards, there's obviously no other customers that night, you're not desperate if you've been living here a while. Shrug your shoulders and say never mind, watch their faces and prices drop.
  2. Was about to ask. Last time I went was about 2 yrs. A few girls 1 or 2 in some of the bars down along from the bridge. (if someone needs a google-maps let me know) Was rather quiet and tame (as expected) did take one girl I got on well with back for 800b. She made me laugh - aplogized that she couldn't suck me Peter because she had a Buddha necklace on. Nice excuse haha. Might head up there for a motorbike ride next week. Anybody been up there lately and know anything that's going on in the small bar scene they have up there?
  3. Unless coming off a 30 hour flight schedule, just get a taxi.
  4. Strange, I love it on the little CBR250. Blasting in and out, then bursting off when at the front. Love the feeling. But I've loved motorbike riding since I was teen (20 yrs ago) and riding in BKK every day for the past 6 years, so know how the traffic and locals move. Guess it's different strokes for different folks. I couldn't stand sitting in a taxi or standing in the BTS, Would do my nut. :D
  5. Soi Arab has some of the best food in town. I'm sure that a kebab addiction would well be sedated there.
  6. By the way, get a driving license first and make sure your bike has first class insurance including bailbond. Mine is about 5k p/a for the CBR250. K-Bank debit card also has an Accident Insurance built into the deal. 500b p/a with coverage of 5000b. Enough to cover an ambulance, x-rays, hospital fees and medication. They just scan the front of the Debit Card when you arrive at the hospital and it's done.
  7. I've been riding a motorbike in BKK for 6 years. First a CBR150 (slim and light and agile) and then a CBR250 for the past 3 years. You really don't need much more CC. It looks more chaotic looking in from outside, than being in it. Once you get used to how the traffic moves and flows you'll be okay as long as you stay focused the entire time. Never mind the local lads on their scooters 'racing' you, then gloating when they 'beat' you. :D
  8. I stayed in The Irish Clock many years ago, around 2006, there was another Irish bar 50 meters down the road, ran by George, any one know if it's still going? The Irish Clock was a fine place to stay in back then, would guess that it still is now.
  9. Try dateinasia or other thai based dating sites first, you'll likely have a few wanting to meet you off the plane after a few days of chatting online first. :D Ubon is a nice place, the massage parlours on the road to the airport will service you well enough.
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