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  1. Is this Chaophya2 massage .?.. been years since I have been in there ,but I remember it as a pretty good soapy massage place . It just was a little out of the way and away from the others.
  2. soi23

    check in

    Does not need a stamp and date in PP ??? In my PP has a stamp ---Non -o -Retirement 7-mar -2016
  3. soi23

    check in

    90 day retirement..sorry should have mentioned that.
  4. soi23

    check in

    Going down this week for the first check in ,at the govt. center,,, can anyone tell me about how long this takes and it is my understanding there is no paperwork to do only have my passport . ???
  5. Last trip to the immigration I noticed ,the Red Line well under construction up to Don Mueang. Several stations were close to complete , and railway was up.
  6. You will be killed............. car # 1--pedestrian # 2
  7. Majestic Grande is a great hotel to stay at,,,been there several times.
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