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  1. Why is it called Covid-19 instead of Chinese Flu? Same as with Spanish and Mexican Flu?
  2. In my experience hardly ever shaved, most are a bit trimmed though, but very many are unshaved which is not the way I like it.
  3. Never a problem sofar in about 20 years and hundreds of girls. It must be luck, but I also must admit the girls are very clean and alwbays insist on showering, listerine and condom use when fucking.
  4. What a story. I never had problems with EVA and I have flown more than 20 times from A´dam to BKK with them. Only 1 time I had a few hours delay due to engine problems with China Airlines. Next week I will be flying KLM first time to BKK in about 30 years. I think you just had bad luck.
  5. Normally I would object to postponing elections but I fly back from Bangkok on the 24th and I plan 1 or 2 nigths in Nana, hope the bars and brothels are not closed.
  6. It rarely is somebodies home. Mostly the apartments are owned by somebody who own many of them for the sole purpose of renting them out via AirBNB, hotels provide Thai people with a (low paying) job and thirdy I hate the whole concept where the profits end up in the hands of American shareholders in Silicon Valley.
  7. I arrived 2 times the last 4 weeks and both times the lines were relatively short, 10 to 20 minutes, a lot better than the long lines I have seen at other times. Also the lines on the way out seemed to be shorter than previous visits so maybe they have improved their service a bit.
  8. Thai are not very tolerant people at all, that is a big mistake as some have already said. The way they treat refugees says it all. You don't want to know how they feel about coloured people, absolutely very racist. As a farang and certainly in the tourist area you are treated well and yes, they are very tolerant towards gay people, but that is about it.
  9. In Feb 2016 there was a Serena Wiliams type girl, called Kaeo ( glass), very muscular and muay thai boxer of 23 years old. she was 73 kg and a nice girl.
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