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  1. I hate using taxis as they either use bad routes with high traffic or try to rip you off. I love using uber on the other hand. I've taken it for trips under 1km and to/from the airport. Just really tough during certain times when the wait times go up to 12mins+. I use it every chance I get as they're held more accountable.
  2. Seen many at the nightclubs and they seem to love all the dick they can get lol.
  3. Is anyone aware of any banks that sell index funds as investments? Looking to buy some vanguard index funds and mutual funds in Thailand to hold here, but can't seem to find information about it anywhere.
  4. I would say the Netherlands (my experience is AMS only) is very open and liberal. I've not been to other parts, but I would definitely say AMS could give Thailand a run for it's money in open mindedness and liberal thinking.
  5. I always loved the little golf buggies they send to grab you from the plane to whisk you through the airport. Sometimes it's a short ride, but I hate landing at a far gate and having to walk for so long. AMS/HKG are nightmares for this too. Once in HKG I got off at Gate 80 and had to connect at Gate 1 I think and then later got gate changed to 30. That was a miserable experience.
  6. The Conrad hotel had a room with terrace etc and has everything else you were looking for. Food and service are both great there and it's in the Hilton chain.
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