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  1. Hey! My passport runs out on June 8, how can I get 6 months more? Have been in Thailand 60 days 8 june and the plan is and be here 6 months more Visited the Norwegian embassy and they didnt know how i could fix 6 more months, they asked me to search on the internet. I am 26 years old. So how is the process to get more days? I live in Bangkok. Regards!
  2. Hey, i have been in Bangkok 1 month now,and i need to go some where with nice beaches,wich place is recommended? Is some of these place exotic and nice? koh chang pattaya hua hin koh lanta Phi Phi Regards.
  3. Hey, i am going on a trip to Bangkok soon. Which pharmachy is it recomended to buy hgh(growth hormone) ? Regards.
  4. Hey,im going to Bangkok and need to some tips for hotels that has good quality for the price. Which hotel do you recommend? Regards
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