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  1. its a good idea to go out with a girl and let her translate and order.
  2. money number one in thailand mate before you get on your high horse about"stellar reputation"perhaps you should ask yourself why this situation arose.
  3. i took malaria tablets when i was in africa and still caught it.malaria that is
  4. surprised to hear you say that every girl i,ve been with in pattaya has told me to wear something and they didn,t mean my socks
  5. pattaya is cheaper than bangkok 1000 baht all nite 300 bar fine in the beer bars plus drinks are cheaper a good no hassle gogo bar is ladylove soi lk metro happy hour 19.00-21.00 hrs 70 baht a drink i took a bar girl there goy her a vodka and orange she took a mouthfull and ran off to the bar for more orange had to explain to mamasaan they,re a bit keeneeow with the vodka in her bar
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