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  1. I'm not sure about the other guy but this is a cheaper option for me. For myself i'd have to go Manchester-London-Bangkok. It would have cost me £260 more to do direct like that but with the connection from Manchester to London and the stop over also it would have come up at roughly the same flight time. Granted if i lived down near London i'd have no problem going direct as it'll be 11 or so hours direct. But with this fast track, even with the shockingly bad rate at the moment it comes to £37 with the cart service or £19 without. For myself it's got me thinking that if i do it with h
  2. 24-26 hours, I can see why you're looking at this. I'm getting past it after 15 hours so I am thinking this will be a nice treat to get me into the swing of things. I'm on around £18k a year plus tips. I can pretty much make this in tips in a couple of days so it really is not affecting my budget at all But i understand the view point that your coming from. I think the tips for me are a helping hand in making this choice but i can see why people would not like to splash out on this knowing its only a que
  3. Don't be funny, if it wasn't for you saying about this I'd have never have even thought about it let alone be considering it. I'm thinking about a carryon for my week away and taking advantage of this on my next trip. Really after a long 15 hours of travel it takes what feels like an age to get from one end to the other.
  4. I believe this is a case of each to their own. I personally do not mind waiting for my bags but I hate waiting in line. It just make me feel fidgety and horrible so I know I'd personally enjoy taking advantage of something like this. But I do not think it's for everyone. Like many people have said many times on other posts, it's your trip so enjoy what you choose to do.
  5. They are like the taxi service near exit 4 from first glance. Remember it costing me 2000฿ a couple of years ago for their taxi service. 500฿ fare tops without tip from the airport to onnut where I am staying so I may be a cheap Charlie this year with it. I'll look at it properly and consider.
  6. This is the first time of me hearing about this but I'm interested in giving it ago. Do you have any links on it?
  7. I took over a UK T-mobile sim last time i went, just used it for phonecalls as i found a lot of the places i went to had free wifi. It's costly though, I'm personally taking the same sim but also considering getting a Thai sim while i am there. i think it was something stupid like £1 or £1.50 a minute if your phoning home, i ended up using skype over the wifi
  8. Wishing I was forever in Thailand

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