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  1. Thanks for that, that's exactly what I needed. Like you say it's a great location and the reviews I have read are mixed. I'll definitely look elsewhere
  2. Morning guys. Right skimming through the forums I have seen one or a lot of you guys have been to this hotel. So, I'm planning my next trip, kind of going for luxury on a budget. My budget is £1200-£1400 ($1500-$1750) for a 3 week stay, this is for flights and hotels so I got some to play with. The hotel I tend to stay in is a fair bit out the way at suk soi 50 but it suits me but its time for a change. What i'm looking at is having a decent size room, a nice bed, a nice shower and somewhere i can plug my playstation in. The Grand President seems to have this covered. I'm also loosely planning to take 2k baht a day for food, drink and travel, I know i can do this if i get breakfast in the hotel. I'm also setting a Budget for the nightlife side of things. On that note.... I'd love to hear what you guys think of this hotel, pro's, con's ect
  3. Thanks for the info guys. something for me to look into. As it stands not 30 seconds after I posted this i remembered about a friend of a friend owning a condo in onnut and this friend saying to me i could maybe rent this as she is out of the country for a few months with her farang partner.
  4. The original post gave my eyes cancer :( I know its a uk link but hell here you go. good luck after a 10 year ban http://uk.siam-legal.com/
  5. Morning guys. Right really need some help planning this trip. I've hit a bump in the road for my plan on going to Bangkok this year so 2018 I'm going to extend my stay. currently planning on 1 week in Hong Kong, bit of fun to unwind before i hit bangkok and then I'm planning on 4 weeks in Thailand. So thing thing is, I'm looking at a condo or a apart-hotel type deal, I am aiming for £600-£800 max for the month, cheaper the better. I am just wondering if you guys have any suggestions.
  6. Hello again guys. Right I'm going to go full noob on you guys for a few posts. Now I know what your going to say, I'm starting up a thread on Phuket and were on a Bangkok forum. Well just hear me out will you, I like to hear what you guys have to say after all. So, as it stands I have a lady friend who's going to Hong Kong the same time I'm in Thailand this year. Long story short she Invites me over there. I let her know that if I can get it for £100 I'll do it, as it stands the only thing i can do for £100 is get over to Phuket. Not going to complain. Anyway, enough of me going on. as you guys know I've already been to Phuket before but it was a beer filled few nights. (trip report here http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/5077-one-trip-re-edit/) the questions i have for you guys is as follows. is there much in the means of daytime action? What would you do differently from just going to the go go's? would you guys have any suggestions of tourist things to do? Thanks guys, maybe i'll get some sleep now
  7. I'm not sure about the other guy but this is a cheaper option for me. For myself i'd have to go Manchester-London-Bangkok. It would have cost me £260 more to do direct like that but with the connection from Manchester to London and the stop over also it would have come up at roughly the same flight time. Granted if i lived down near London i'd have no problem going direct as it'll be 11 or so hours direct. But with this fast track, even with the shockingly bad rate at the moment it comes to £37 with the cart service or £19 without. For myself it's got me thinking that if i do it with hand luggage only and all going well I will land at 1pm and hopefully be out of the airport by 1.20-.130pm. with any luck i'd be checked into the hotel before 2pm and at queens park plaza having my first drink not to long after that. I am thinking it it worth it for me in that sense to try and maximise my time
  8. 24-26 hours, I can see why you're looking at this. I'm getting past it after 15 hours so I am thinking this will be a nice treat to get me into the swing of things. I'm on around £18k a year plus tips. I can pretty much make this in tips in a couple of days so it really is not affecting my budget at all But i understand the view point that your coming from. I think the tips for me are a helping hand in making this choice but i can see why people would not like to splash out on this knowing its only a que
  9. Don't be funny, if it wasn't for you saying about this I'd have never have even thought about it let alone be considering it. I'm thinking about a carryon for my week away and taking advantage of this on my next trip. Really after a long 15 hours of travel it takes what feels like an age to get from one end to the other.
  10. I believe this is a case of each to their own. I personally do not mind waiting for my bags but I hate waiting in line. It just make me feel fidgety and horrible so I know I'd personally enjoy taking advantage of something like this. But I do not think it's for everyone. Like many people have said many times on other posts, it's your trip so enjoy what you choose to do.
  11. They are like the taxi service near exit 4 from first glance. Remember it costing me 2000฿ a couple of years ago for their taxi service. 500฿ fare tops without tip from the airport to onnut where I am staying so I may be a cheap Charlie this year with it. I'll look at it properly and consider.
  12. This is the first time of me hearing about this but I'm interested in giving it ago. Do you have any links on it?
  13. Hello there. I've personally stayed at this hotel with my first stay in Bangkok in 2014. They've no problem with taking girls back whats so ever, had 2 girls stay the night one of the nights i was there. and I think jlo has hit the nail on the head
  14. I personally stay at a place walled Waterford. It's at onnut soi 50, it's a bit out of the way of the action which means I don't spend as much there. Nice and quiet, decent pool and well for the use of the Internet I used it was alright. Know it cost about £15 a night for a standard room which is a little small or the bigger room is about £19 a night.
  15. Could swear that I read about the visas before my first trip last year and for some reason i had 15 over land and 30 by air...... Let me find what i read again and i'll re-edit this..... Edit - Here you go, this is where i got it from. http://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand/thailand-tourist-visa.php At the bottom of the page it states as follow's (copied direct from the site) - "If you enter Thailand via land border, you will be stamped a 15-day permission of stay as a tourist in the immigration post, after which you will have to exit the country again on or before the expiration of your permission of stay. However, the tourist visa can also be extended if you wish or need to stay longer in Thailand. You will have to file an application for an extension of stay at the Office of Immigration Bureaulocated at Soi Suan Plu, off South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120 , Tel (662) 287-3101-10. Bear in mind that the success for an extension of stay is solely at the discretion of the immigration officer attending on your application."
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