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  1. Dynasty Grand has good sized pool, but does not get much sun and is pretty cold in. not expensive and has a good hotel gym and only 5 mins to Nana
  2. Unless they have changed in the last 5 years, Pathumwan Princess is not gf. Grande Sheriton Sukhumvit around 200 - 500 per night depending on rooms was always guest friendly when I stayed there. You just take the lift from the basement and skip the reception which is on the 2nd floor.
  3. Dynasty Grand hotel has great pool and gym plus only 5 min walk to Nana Plaza and not expensive . no tourist with camera there, just go have a beer grab a bird and head home. who really needs Pattaya unless u are planning a long trip.
  4. Best hotel is Grand Sukhumvit Hotel. I stayed there many times on business well before I ever went to Thailand to Monger and the bar on the bottom floor has the best looking freelancers in all of Bangkok. Are they crazy yes! but fucking hot too. also elvevator goes from cocktail bar and skips reception straight to room. expect to pay over $200USD per night.
  5. bundy

    Business Visa

    If you are just coming in to see some clients/customers or meeting potential clients to do business from your own country then tourist visa is fine. I have been doing this for 10 years. If however you are exchanging money in Thailand for goods/services you will may need to look at a different type of visa.
  6. I have always liked the British pub on the basement floor of the Landmark hotel on Sukhumvit road. has a good feed and reasonably priced pints. I think it is called "The Huntsman" or something similar.
  7. one of the first times i came to Bangkok many years ago i booked a package with Qantas Airlines and got a hotel that was in my budget at the time. I ended up being in a very bad location with very few transport options available to me. Ever since then i have been booking everything online as you are able to see maps and read real reviews from previous guests. I have been using Agoda last 5 years and have no complaints about their service. However you do need to pay on booking.
  8. A giant King Cobra found somewhere in Thailand, but not Bangkok!
  9. As an Australian u automatically get a 30 day visa every time u enter, however u can apply for a 3 month visa, which i think is done through the thai embassy or consul depending on where u live. I dont know about multiple 3 months visas, perhaps just do some searches on the internet or go and talk with someone from the embassy (thai).
  10. I have stayed here 3 times before, and although it is primarily a businessman's hotel they are guest friendly. The hotel is part of the Emporium shopping mall, which is one of the main Hi-end type malls in Bangkok. Plenty of food and shopping here to be down. The Hotel is right on the BTS also so u can go anywhere around the city with ease. why not try soi 33 on opposite side of sukhumvit road as there are some nice pub type bars here, as well as a few massage/ST places down the end of the soi.
  11. Generally serviced apartments are ok with girls coming as they are not the same as a hotel, but normally have to give id of any guest to the security office (as receptions are not open at night). I dont know about this place though, so maybe best to send them an email and ask them straight out.
  12. If you do tell them that you intend to get a quote from the other store as well, and this will help to keep the price down a bit.
  13. That is not entirely true, as some of the tailors do actually use their own staff to do the garments. I have seen this first hand, but i agree that 90% of them all use the same sweatshops as 100% do in the sweat shops Pattaya.
  14. I dont agree with that, as i have seen many negative reviews on these sites, and it is easy to tell which is someone complaining just for the sake of it, and which ones have genuine points. for example one hotel i was really interested in and heard good reviews before, but checking again just before booking it revealed that their was a major buliding contruction site next door going 24/7. I booked somewhere else, but in the same area. when going past this hotel one day the noise was deafening and i was glad i had check the reviews before booking.
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