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  1. Thanks for all the info and thoughts on this. Appreciate it. Do most hotels offer safety deposit boxes at the front desk? Just curious.
  2. I'm leaving for Bangkok in one week, just thought I'd ask what you guys think about the overall safety of your stuff in the room safes. I'll be staying at Dynasty Grande Hotel, so if anyone's stayed there let me know your thoughts on the place. Thanks, Sulla
  3. Well damn, guess I missed it then. By the time I get there (next year) it won't be the same. Not saying it will be worse, sounds like they're making it better. Just wanted to experience the old Blade Runner Alley. Oh well.
  4. Kind of a silly question, but I randomly stumbled upon a video of an alley that runs between soi 5 and soi 7 known as "Blade Runner" alley. It seems to have a few noodle bars/pool places etc. Problem is that it's apparently notoriously hard to find. Just curious if anyone has heard of this or knows exactly where to find it. It's my favorite film so I can't go to BKK and not see it heh. Here are the videos: Thanks, Sulla
  5. After some quick research, I see that both Rajadamnern stadium & Lumpinee Boxing Stadium are great. just curious if anyone on here has been before. Are there other, better places? Any tips? Thanks, Sulla
  6. I asked basically the same question in a different thread, someone mentioned the corner of Soi 3. I'd love to hear of some more areas though. Eating great seafood is definitely on my list of things to do! ;P
  7. Wow. Sounds like there might be some major construction going on there for a while. Thanks for the info. ;) 4,000 baht for a meal for one? Wow, I thought the food was relatively cheap in Thailand compared to western standards. Like I said, I haven't been yet but plan on going next year. Thanks For recommending soi 7, I'll make sure to check it out while I'm there. I could eat seafood everyday!
  8. I've been planing my 1st trip to BKK for a while now, and plan on staying somewhere on or near Soi4. I'm a seafood junkie so was excited to try this place out when I got there, but looks like I missed it. According to their website http://www.sevenseasbangkok.com/ it is now closed. Anyone have any info on what's going to move in there? Also, what are some good, relativity cheap places to get seafood on or near Soi 4? Or anywhere around Sukhumvit for that matter. I keep hearing Swan Bar has decent seafood, but other than that I dunno. Thanks, Sulla
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