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  1. Thought I'd pick this up rather than start a new topic. Anyone know what Insanity/Levels/Mixx are like for FLs on a Sunday night? I'm arriving on a Sunday for a micro trip soon and was wondering where would be good to go later in the evening. Any other suggestions? Cheers
  2. I realise, obviously, that there are different types of condoms, and that they may not prevent all STD infections, but neither of those links corroborate the statement "not all condoms protect against disease - some just for pregnancy". Indeed, it states that coloured condoms (for example) provide the same amount of protection as regular condoms, provided they are also made of latex. I get that cheap condoms could tear and lose their effectiveness, but otherwise I'd have thought that, in general, latex condoms are latex condoms.
  3. How does this work? Aren't all condoms generally made of the same stuff?
  4. Yes, the Ambassador seemed to have a much better score overall on TripAdvisor.
  5. Good call. I just cancelled my Grand President booking, and booked the Ambassador instead - AUD $64/night (USD $49.63), including 7% hotel tax and 10% service charge. I don't intend using it for much, other than for an early hours FL, so this sounds like a good deal. Climax in the basement too, which sounds OK!
  6. Any idea what time Charoen Pharmacy is open until? I'll be arriving in the evening, and would like to pick up some supplies.
  7. Looks like a pretty convenient place between Nana and SC. Saw another thread saying Le Fenix was good, and looks nice and modern on the web, will consider that when I stay over.
  8. godzuki

    Hua Hin

    What is the quality of girls like in Hua Hin compared to Bangkok or Pattaya?
  9. This sounds like a good service, especially if it gets you into the city as well. Will have to see if other airports around Asia offer this - anyone used this in other cities?
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