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  1. Dear Admin,

    I was in BKK for 2 weeks and I made every day 1-3 Kinky sessions with mistresses, bar girls, freelancers and etc 🙂 How do I get access to "Alternate Lifestyles and Fetishes"? I really really want to be there and also share my experiences and it's a gold mine for me 🙂

    Can you please assist? I appreciate it so much 🙂


  2. I use private cars from Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi to/from Pattaya. I pay 1200 from Bangkok and 1100 from Suvarnabhumi. For a van I am guessing around 1600. Send a mail to the contact below and ask for a rate. If it is from the airport, the need your flight number. If it is from a hotel, they need your room number. meowponchai@gmail.com (she tends to read a request for rate as a booking, so be clear if you do not accept...) namnamthailand@gmail.com mr_ttaxi@hotmail.com
  3. Stayed at Grand Swiss a couple of weeks ago. Very girl friendly. No problem finding a taxi outside. The main road is right there. Location is walking distance to NEP and easy to get there by taxi from NEP if you got a girl. Not so easy from SC, as the taxies use the backstreets crossing the sois. Soi 11 get clogged night time. Me and a girl got ditched in a corner by a taxi who gave up. The rooms are nice, but smaller than they appear on the pictures. I hit my head on a rack in the bathroom, and the shower door turns inward so it is awkward stepping in. Overall very clean, but the was an empty pack of Viagra in the drawer from a previous guest. that housekeeping had missed. lol Pool is small but does the job. Relaxed atmosphere. I had an Executive room with club benefits. The lounge was disappointing. Just deep fried spring rolls, mini sandwiches and some dry cake. Think the bars had a good selection, but I saved my alcohol intake for later. Would not stay again unless there was a crazy deal. Better value around.
  4. Pass the crowd outside the terminal and walk over to the parking. The tuk tuk drivers there will take a fixed reasonable rate. Maybe it was 10 USD, can't remember. Google it. I have stayed at the Lux before. Good hotel. Very clean and great location.
  5. Not stayed at Four Points. Grande Centre Point has a great pool area, but lack a bar. The rooms are poorly decorated and feels like dorm rooms. The beds are not very good, and they are so flimsy that they float around the room during ‘action’. Service is poor for a hotel in this price range. Also note that the Grande Centre Point for some reason does not serve alcohol anywhere as the owners are very conservative. It is guest friendly and there is a side entrance from the BTS. Toilet seats are heated.
  6. I have stayed at both. The Continent Was priced much lower when they first opened. Overpriced now. It was about 2/3 of the current price a couple of years ago. The floor to ceiling windows gives a spectacular view from the room. Closer to Soi Cowboy and Terminal 21. Smaller hotel, less established. The floor areas of the hotel are very small. Can feel crammed and a bit claustrophobic. More discreet for when your return with company. Simply because it is smaller and have less traffic. Small pool and on the top floor. Too small, a bit tacky. The Landmark Close to Nana Plaza. You will probably spend more time at NEP than Soi Cowboy. Larger hotel, more of an upscale feel. Large pool with a good atmosphere, but a bit worn down (unless they have renovated it) High quality, newly renovated rooms. All the Nana-girls know the hotel. Both are guest friendly. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Looking forward to the rest of your TR
  8. I don’t know anyone in Bangkok, but I can give you a price for reference. I pay 800 for a high quality shirts at a Thai tailor in Pattaya. I give him a shirt that fits, we pick fabric, and he will make a copy for me. I usually order 3 or 4 when I am there. Ask them to adjust for fabric shrinking. With some fabrics, like Oxford cotton, they soke the fabric to keep it from shrinking later. In Pattaya, the Indian tailors have a bad rep. Most of them take overpriced orders, and go to a Thai place to have them made.
  9. Have a look at Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11. Around €80. In the same area at the top of soi 11.
  10. I stayed there in 2017. Not refurbished as far as I could tell, but well kept and very clean. In that segment, I don't think it needs to be refurbished. I have stayed in more than 20 hotels in Sukhumvit and it is on of the first hotels I consider it when looking for good a value hotel.
  11. Have stayed at both. I prefer the one on soi 18. Quiet area, but not too far away from the action. Nice rooms, but a bit small. Good breakfast. Nice pool area. There is a back entrance to Scratch Dog right by, if you like clubbing. Plenty of FLs there. The Park Plaza Sukhumvit is older and more worn down. Pool is terrible and the lobby area is not very inviting. Breakfast is about the same. Both are guest friendly (2017). Use the search function. These hotels are mentioned every now and then. http://www.bangkok-addicts.com/forum/topic/6968-park-plaza-hotel-sukhumvit-soi-16-any-good/ (yes, there is an error in the header. It is not on soi 16).
  12. About 400. Remember to specify that you want to take the highway.
  13. I have used it for ST, but I don't recall the rate. ฿600 is reported in 2016 here. I dont think it has changed much. I would not advise against it. Just make sure you book a room with a window. It it technically a 3 star hotel, according to the definition, but it feels more like a 2 star hotel. Check it out on Trip Advisor. Majestic Suites is a better hotel. You get what you pay for.
  14. I have not stayed at Jasmine, but I would recommend the Landmark. After they renovated the rooms a few years ago, it looks really good. Great location as well. Pool is a bit outdated, but still nice. The Majestic Grande is nice as well, and more affordable compared to the Landmark. Rooms are a bit dated but very clean and well maintained. Good service. Still, the pool is small and lacks atmosphere. And I am not sure if you are still able to cross over to soi 4.
  15. Check out Sukhumvit 12 Bangkok Hotel & Suites on soi 12. Good pool for the price. It is a bit far down the soi, but you are prob in a taxi going back anyway. Sofitel has a great pool area, but it is a bit higher than what you are looking for. Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18 has an ok pool. Good atmosphere. Nai Lert Park had an excellent pool area, but it closed last year.
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