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  1. Petals Inn down Soi 4 have rooms with mid size jacuzzi. I have tried to find out which room have them, but they have not replied to my mail. If you can figure it out, please share. I have not stayed there, but it looks like a decent value clean hotel, and it is close to the NEP. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g293916-d3729429-Reviews-Petals_Inn-Bangkok.html
  2. I wonder if it work both ways? Chilli pussy?
  3. The guys who have been around for a while say the Bangkok P4P scene was better before and has gone downhill ever since. I don´t know because I was not there. But I doubt it. I know that I am enjoying it now, and that I most likely still will enjoy it 5-10 years from now. Reading the history of the places we visit is interesting. It shows how much and how little they have changed. Bangkok Eyes had done a great job archiving the history through the years. Here is a history of the NEP and here is the history of SC. Btw, I love the retro design of Bangkok Eyes. I wonder if they are aware. The NEP used to be a mall Cred: floating around on internet for years.. Cred: floating around on internet for years.. Thermae at its old location Cred: thaivisa.com / camerata
  4. Yeah, she does look great! She left the bar for a Thai boy unfortunately. She even deleted her Line recently. Guess she had too many farangs on there. I look for her every time I´m in the bar, hoping for one more LT but I don´t expect to see her again.
  5. I have my friend! It is guest friendly and the staff is welcoming. The hotel is in the same building as the Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11, so it is a good location. Some of the rooms do not have windows, so I would check that before you book if you like to get out during a fire. The rooms are small, but the hotel is brand new and very clean. The bathroom is relatively large and practical. No pool. It is overall a basic, clean, and practical hotel in a good location. I took this picture during my stay. As you clearly can see, it is a nice room. They have Pringles and Snickers in the minibar. And you can put your pants on the desk if you feel the need to take them off.
  6. I would be worried about the service you will get from a girl that complain about a hotel like the Majestic Suites. As long as you don´t stay in a dorm or an absolute shit hole, they usually don´t mind. For a ST most of them will be glad to go to the Majestic Suites as it means they will be back in the bar faster, but be more reluctant to go all the way to soi 29 from the NEP. Soi 29 is not a good location at all from Nana Plaza. If you get a nice hotel to impress the girl, you will be disappointed. Only some of the girls notice, and a few of them stay longer in a nicer room but don´t rely on it. Get a nice hotel for your own experience. I enjoy bringing a girl to a fancy hotel because it makes me feel better and improves my experience. Be aware that the star system can be misleading. A worn down hotel can have more stars than a brand new one based on a 24 hour reception or an iron in the room As for taxis, they usually quote you 100 bath outside of soi 4. Hard to get meter at night with a girl outside of Nana or SC.
  7. I am pretty naive and will leave my MacBook out in the open all day and a bunch of 1000s on the desk while I shower and the girl is there. I know I should be more careful. Also for the sake of the girls I bring, as putting the money away frees them from any suspicion. The things I am careful about is my passport and my credit cards. I leave them in the safe. I had never really thought about that the cleaning lady may have access. Sounds reasonable that a locked good suitcase is safer as it is higher risk for them to open, but my travel insurance will reduce the cover if I don´t use the safe. I believe the international hotels chains are more professional, have better routines and higher payed staff with less incentive to steal, but who knows.
  8. Came across this picture taken at Dhamamkaya on Makha Bucha this year. I have never realized the scale of this until now, both the celebration and the wat. Beautiful. Creds: AFP
  9. No not really. It is such a major concern because it can cause birth defects. I am born already, I am not pregnant, and I don´t plan on having children. A bad case of the flu is more likely and symptoms can be worse. SymptomsAbout 1 in 5 people infected with Zika virus become ill (i.e., develop Zika). The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes). Other common symptoms include muscle pain and headache. The incubation period (the time from exposure to symptoms) for Zika virus disease is not known, but is likely to be a few days to a week. The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. Zika virus usually remains in the blood of an infected person for about a week but it can be found longer in some people. (http://www.cdc.gov/zika/symptoms/)
  10. Which price range are you looking for? Generally Sofitel or near. Then you are also close to Thremae. Or early soi 11 so that you are near BTS Nana for SC but still walking distance to the NEP. But with a Thai girl in high heels from MBK, you may need a taxi from both locations anyway.
  11. I´m sorry no one has replied yet. I have considered the hotel a few times, but always concluded that there was a better deal somewhere else. Location is good and from what I have read it is guest friendly. My impression is that the rooms are small but that the hotel in general is very clean. It is not really my style. In my view, it looks like a soulless european airport hotel.
  12. I have stayed at both. Grande Centre Point has a great pool area. However, the rooms are poorly decorated and feels like dorm rooms. The beds are also not very good, and so flimsy that they move around during action. Service is poor for a hotel in this price range. Also note that the Grande Centre Point for some reason does not serve alcohol anywhere. The Continent is great, and is one of my favorite hotels close to SC. But the past year they have raised their rates significantly and now I usually get a better deal somewhere else. The rooms have a good decor that gives a relaxing atmosphere, and floor-to-ceiling windows is nice. Quality beds. Make sure you ask for a non-connecting room. Good breakfast with a selection as expected at a more upscale hotel, and great view from the restaurant - also with floor-to-ceiling windows. Pool area is small and not all that. If you like a nice room, go with the Continent. If the room is only for sleeping and you like to hang out by the pool (without ordering a beer), stay at Grande Centre Point.
  13. I have not stayed there, but I can not imagine noise being a problem in such a newly renovated building and so early in the soi. You will likely get a room well above the ground, which removes you from most of the noise. Also, the first floors of the building complex facing soi 11 is occupied by the steak house and a different hotel (Double One), so the Grand Swiss has it´s entrance from a side soi, and is not directly on soi 11. I have stayed at Double One, which is right next door and actually closer to the soi. Noise was not an issue. Let us know after. I have noticed the Grand Swiss and it would be nice to get a review.
  14. Welcome to the forum! Check out Majestic Suite Hotel, 3 stars right by Soi 4, very close to Nana Plaza. Can´t beat the location. No, pool but they ley you use the one at Majestic Grande. Also have a look at City Lodge and Hotel Solo Sukhumvit 2. I have never stayed there, but I hear it's good location and value. All are guest friendly. Look for deals, www.hotelscombined.com is good. Have fun!
  15. Thanks for the tip! I appreciate contemporary art and will check it out in March. Good day time activity for Bangkok.
  16. I´m traveling a lot with work, and I´m using Club Carlson as it´s really only Radisson that have good coverage in the Nordics where I am traveling and in Bangkok - where I spend holidays. In Sukh there are two Radissons and two Park Plazas that is part of Club Carlson. In the US they offer a VISA-card, which includes a gold-membership. This gives you room upgrades (if available) and +35 % points. (www.clubcarlsonvisa.com) I recently reached 75 night and got to the highest level of Club Carlson, + 75 % points, free breakfast and occasional suite upgrade. With all the work travel, I earn about 3 weeks in the Radisson Blu Bangkok a year. For credit card, I use AmEx from EuroBonus. I earn about one round trip long haul with companion ticket a year. Gets me from Oslo to Bangkok with Thai Air. For frequent flyer miles, I use Norwegian (short-haul flight only in Europe) which after some flying gives 12 % cash back to be spent on flights. Further, they have a campaign this year which earns me a free round trip to BKK in 2016 when I fly 24 short hauls from August to December this year. Nice deal! With all the work related travel, figuring out the most rewarding bonus schemes kind of becomes an hobby, and it pays off. In all, I get two round trip long hauls from Oslo to Bangkok with 3 weeks in a 5 star hotel a year. Then there is the 12 % cash points on flight on top of that. I am sure there are better alternatives for hotels in Bangkok, and would like to hear others input. The credit card bonus scheme available in the UK, Europe and the US varies a lot.
  17. The Sofitel is nice and very close to Thermae. In the Soi 4 (Nana) to Soi 11 area there are a lot of good options. I can recommend the following in different price ranges, all with no joiner fee. As recommended by wtko3888, Sofitel, 5 stars, right next to Thermae, nice hotel with an great pool. Grand Swiss Hotel, 4 stars, on Soi 11, with pool, 3 min walk to Thermae and Climax, 10 to Nana Plaza. Majestic Suite Hotel, 3 stars right by Soi 4, closer to Nana Plaza than the others, no pool but you can use the pool at Majestic Grande, 10 min walk to Climax and Thermae, 1 min to Nana Plaza. Double One, 3 stars, on Soi 11, right next to Grand Swiss Hotel, new hotel and very clean, no pool. Check out City Lodge. I have never stayed there, but I hear it's good location and value.
  18. Not sure how safe it is getting any kinds of pills from Suk Road. Sounds like gambling with your health. Don´t think anyone can tell you if the stuff is real or laundry detergent. What is in the genuine? I google it and looks like they are 6800 mg of something. That seems like to much!
  19. 2x lev123. What´s it worth to you? Just some numbers, Base salary in a gogo, approx 8000 - 9000 Salary for waiter in branded mid range restaurant in BKK, approx 9000 - 11000 + tip Salary for waiter more upscale restaurant in BKK, approx 15000 + tip Room, approx 5000 - 10000, often shared As far as I know...
  20. I have stayed in a few hotels with joiner fee, but have never seen it enforced. Have anyone actually paid a joiner fee, and if so, where?
  21. Continent Hotel is very bar girl friendly and a nice hotel to bring girls. Have stayed there on three trips and had girls there every time. They are very professional about it. Continent have some connecting rooms. Make sure you get a non-connecting room. I have stayed at Sofitel, JW Marriott, Landmark and Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 with girls, no problem. Right now I am at the Rembrandt. No problem here either, the girl just left:) Hotels in Sukh are generally bar girl friendly. If there is no joiner fee, it is absolutely ok to bring a bar girl in. Or a LB, if that is your thing. If they have a joiner fee, it´s likely not enforced as long as you are discreet. But no guarantees.
  22. Walked in the door furthers away from the reception desk and had no problem. Seems like the same as the Landmark, policy is joiner fee, but not enforces as long as you are discreet. There seems to be more families staying here than most other hotels in Sukh, so I can understand their policy.
  23. Anyone had a girl at The Rembrandt? Their policy is 1000 joiner fee, but is it enforced? Inconclusive result from googling. Thanks!
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