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  1. Opening the Bangkok Post online version and the news were devastating about the spread of Covid-19 in Ekkamai meaning that my return to my loved city is gonna take an eternity 😥 After being lucky to receive 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine and starting to believe the world and specially in my case hoping Thailand will defeat this shit a tremendous blow came to me on this Monday making it a terrible start to the week. Living in hope but the time is going and the dream is just looking very faraway ......maybe one day but is hard when life is kicking you on the balls !!!
  2. I want to return to Bangkok!!!

  3. I believe your best bet is going on the official website and send an e-mail asking about their guest-friendly policy. Usually they reply in less than 24 hours. Is so common enquiries about that subject, they should have an automatic reply. 555
  4. I don't know why you want to use a bank...... Your stock broker has ETF's (Exchange Trade Fund) that you can buy to invest in Thailand or in Southeast of Asia. This is the best and cheapest way for private investors to acess the markets in Thailand. I have a few investments in Thailand and Asean region using precisely ETF's. If I can help you just send a message.....
  5. If, like me, you are a smoker be careful with your choice. ( The cigarette immediately after the act is priceless ) For first time in Bangkok in mid-range hotel go to Phachara on Soi 6!!! Book an executive room and ask to stay in the floor pool.( When there you will understand) Trust me.
  6. Sukhumvit area because I believe is where we spend the huge majority of our time in Bangkok.......I speak for myself. Tequilla and Rhum are my favorites bases for cocktails and my place is.......Long table( Suk 16) but other places very decent for me about cocktails are: Havana Club (Suk 11) Paradise for Rhum lovers! Zest Piano Bar (Westin Grande Suk) Great cocktails and best Martini's in town!!! Nest (Fenix Hotel) Decent cocktails and Cuban cigars......... Lounge inside the Dream Hotel Soi 15 and even on the same Soi the Four Seasons has two nice places separated by 8 or 9 floors. Anyone for a Margherita?
  7. Can't remember the name but a great gem to find in Soi 8 and/or Soi 6 is the small restaurant opposite to LoliTas. From Soi 6 is on your left hand side and if you are coming from Soi 8 is of course on your right hand side. Craving a good steak...This is the right place to go, nice portions, very affordable price and front views to the girls.... If you want dessert.....How about about a BJ? Last time visited in April 2016.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post it and if is discussed in another place accept my apologies.Just trying to help...
  9. The boom in tourist arrivals to Thailand over the past five years finally appears to be over. The industry will remain one of the country’s best-performing sectors but cannot maintain previous growth rates. While Chinese demand for holidays in Thailand will continue to rise, it can no longer drive the rate of industry expansion recorded from 2011 to 2015. Growth in Chinese tourist arrivals fell to 13.2 per cent in the second quarter, dragging down overall arrivals growth. The sector will become increasingly dependent on rising spending per visitor. As tourism growth decelerates, the Thai economy risks more severe underperformance. The sector has an outsized influence on the economy, directly contributing 13.2 per cent of GDP growth in the first quarter, the highest level on record. Just read this on financial news.............I'm not the author but I believe this is not good! Just saying......
  10. Thank you for all your reply's! I don't know what is going on in Bangkok but several e-mails are not being answered in a proper way by the hotels, and my questions are about smoking rooms and guest-friendly policies. Probably they are not giving answers to make an extra couple of bucks with the more distracted......
  11. How this climb on the Thai Baht against the main currencies is affecting your travel plans to LOS? Are you going short periods? Do you save in hotels? More meals on food courts? I have the sensation that every single visit I have less value for money.( Probably I'm getting older) Any thoughts will be appreciated and any ideas to have more fun without breaking the budget. Regards,
  12. Dear members, Can anyone help me with this hotel!!!! i send a couple of e-mails and never received any information if it is guest-friendly or not????? I know all the property is smoking-free, which is not nice for a smoker like me, but the prices are dirty cheap and if they allow me to have fun, probably I will give it a try. Appreciate any help,
  13. Sukhumvit Soi 8 is always my place. They have Thai and International dishes and never had a bad meal there. Quesadilla and Crab salad are my favourites.
  14. I like it a lot. Clean, nice variety of food, very affordable and outside tables for smokers like me.
  15. Be careful, many times they ask the hotel just to "measure" the size of your wallet! Never forget that several of them live in real shitholes. Never had a girl complaining....
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