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  1. Thank you all, since I'm staying for a few days Ill try and hit all spots... Another question would be who has the best pankcakes!?
  2. What do the hotels who aren't "guest friendly" usually charge and are they that up on their game that they know everyone coming and going in order to fine you?
  3. For those that have multiple trips to the LOS what are the "bullet points" you look for in a hotel? Besides price and cleanliness, I would imagine closeness and openness of of extra guest. I think I've read one or two post where people have mentioned using in-room safes but if you were going to give some a list to checkoff what would that list consist of? Price (Whats an estimate for 3 or 4 star?) Cleanliness Closeness (How far is too far?) Openness (Will you get up-charged or told no for bringing a ST or LT girl back) Safe something something else something most people don't think of something most normal people don't think of etc...
  4. I have not yet but I've been thinking about it lately. Seems like a lot of the good quality posts are over there. Very good to know, I was a little worried but knowing that saves me from having to buy a burner phone.
  5. Any tips on where to sit up close or should I bring food/snacks if possible? Maybe get there early? Buy tickets in advance or anything like that?
  6. Is there a big difference in Authentic Thai food and American Thai food like there is between Authentic Chinese and American Chinese?
  7. Don't know, never been but since there seem to be many businesses that do it, more than a few people do. I'm guessing crazy drivers and complete congestion
  8. Also how dangerous? What are the motorcycle related laws in BKK?
  9. EVERY Beginners Guide to Bangkok states that you should learn some words or phrases in Thai but they all forget to say what are the best things to learn. So I want to know from those that have been there what are some words phrases that could have helped you out? Are certain words better to learn or should I practice whole phrases. I made a list of words and phrases I think might help me out but if I could get some critiques that would be awesome. Words: drink food spicy yes no wait fast slow taxi hotel Phrases: How much for... Where is... How do I get to... What is your name? How are you?
  10. Besides a great view does ringside come with any other particular perks?
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