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  1. Probably yes, I don't remember about prices of beers as I usually have dinner as well.
  2. You have Craft in Soi 23 with a big variety of different beers, they probably have what you're looking for and it's very close to Soi Cowboy.
  3. I'm using Uber mostly, just because it's easy to use with your mobile and you don't need cash to pay. Start arguing with taxi drivers about the meter, it's a waste of time IMO. Yes, in a crowdy area by night the Uber takes a little bit of time to arrive but it's also difficult to find a taxi driver who will accept to turn on the meter, so I still prefer Uber in this situation...
  4. I used tourist packs from DTAC & AIS and for me both are quite similar in performance. The price is the same, 299 THB, for 7 days with unlimited data, if I recall right
  5. Thanks for your answer, I think I'll book there next time. Cheers!
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anybody was in the new Travelodge in Soi 11? is it guest friendly? https://www.travelodgehotels.asia/travelodge/thailand/sukhumvit-11 It's new, looks ok and they have pretty good offers in Agoda & Booking.com, placed in Soi 11 I assumed it's guest friendly, but I didn't find any experiences about this hotel, so any tip is gonna be very much appreciated :)
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