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  1. I stopped for a drink last night at Bangkok Bunnies in Nana (Spellbound now is gone) and everything was business as usual.
  2. Winsor Suites Arnoma Royal Parkview Amari Boulevard Haven't stayed at any of these in years But I've stayed in 5-star hotels without joiners: JW Marriott Intercontential Sheraton Grande Shangrli-La Westin
  3. At the Sukhumvit end, El Gaucho Argentinean Steakhouse, home of the 750 baht Cheese and Bacon Burger, opened near the Grand Swiss Hotel. Good place for imported steaks. Pomodaro still going strong At the T, there's the Holiday Inn Express ...with a new bar The Italian restaurant on the Soi 13 connector is now Dubai Restaurant Lot's of Shisha, baby! The old St. Regis is now the Elite Musical Theater, whatever that is Looking down the Soi Q-Bar changed it's name New kid on the block is Wolff's
  4. Angel City Diner has been replaced by Coyote, now serving overpriced, crap, Mexican food. Take my advice and walk over to La Monita Taqueria at Ploenchit, you'll be glad you did. Aloft got painted up The old Federal Hotel has been replaced by a showroom for The Hyde From the Cheap Charlie cul-de-sac, Chez Pape now serving daily lunch specials. Always meant to try this Tappas place next door Snapper Cheap Charlie Bar
  5. The Shangri-La is guest friendly and has great views of the river if you book a suite
  6. There's a soapy massage next to the River Kwai Hotel There's also a disco at the hotel where you can find freelancers and also a small bar area downtown with girls in the evening
  7. They have it at Impact now, it outgrew the other facility.
  8. Bed Supperclub had their lease expire and will eventually reopen in a new location. They were on Soi 11 for 11 years.
  9. Very well managed hotel, some of the rooms on the 5th floor overlook Nana Plaza.
  10. You have to book well in advance. I think everyone should stay there once, and just happen to have a photo of a room.
  11. I enjoyed the suites at the Grand Sukhumvit on Soi 6. I booked this during one of their promotions for 1800 baht but they charged a lot for internet.
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