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  1. Hi guys Anyone got experience or advice on Jakarta? John
  2. There are a few different options on the menu, this was just my preferred method. They will cook it exactly as you want it, rare, medium etc The roast pork is also very good JR
  3. Left hotel at 10:30 am on a Friday morning. Meter taxi to airport was 400 THB including tolls. The previous Friday coming from the Airport to the hotel in Sukhumvit at 2pm was exactly the same. JR
  4. The Royal Oak on Sukhumvit 33-1 serves and excellent steak, i went for the cook it yourself on the hotplate option absolutely superb :-)
  5. Was introduced to the Robin Hood on Sukhumvit Soi 33 by one of my collegues. Excellent breakfast, the large breakfast consists of egg (Fried, Scrambled etc) Toast, Bacon, Sausages, Black Pudding Beans, Fried Kidneys, Toast, Hash Browns and is excellent value for money. Also build your own from the above options :-) Went back most mornings JR
  6. Boarding flight to BKK

  7. Hi Guys, I am thinking of getting a new Tattoo done. Has anyone had one done in BKK? What's the hygiene standards, do they use autoclaves to sterilize their needles? Comments and feedback appreciated. JR
  8. 1,500 for 50 Kamagra Jelly sachets is the same in Pattaya. Nice to know where I can buy them in BKK as will need some more soon. JR
  9. Westin Grande in Sukumvitt is definitely girl friendly, no joiner fee, no id check unless you want to do it. Stayed there many times and never had a problem. Also ATM there as well just in case you run short or go for overtime lol JR
  10. Flights booked and hotel booked for November :-)

  11. I have been using this hotel when Staying in Pattaya, much quieter than main Pattaya. Cheap, clean, friendly staff, small private pool to relax in 5 minutes from Jomtien beach. Girl friendly and will ask for ID unless you tell them not to. Balcony if requested in superior rooms, not great view I must admit, but then most of us not there for the view. Breakfast is optional. Laundry place across the road :-) JR
  12. Do I have to start a new topic to insert a pic?
  13. Been to many different Hooters, mostly in the US and the food in them is not superior quality, but after all it is a fast food place. The wings I found to be very good, and the one burger I had was also good. Will try the one in Bangkok in November. I collect the shot glasses, so its a souvenir. JR
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