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  1. ... or just skip all that and hit the massage shops. Mostly around 2000 - 2500 for one and a half to two hours of really full service when you go the better places. Facilities are mostly average at best but clean enough. But the sex....
  2. Yeah agree about the differences about what Light means. Caused some drunken confusion when I visited the U.S. 555 I'm a new convert to Thai style beer in glass of ice. Slows your total beer intake and is good in the heat.
  3. Musta been me 555. I stayed recently at Dream on soi 15. Quiet soi but close to Asok station and Cowboy - 5 and 10 walk respectively. Great hotel for the price and excellent staff and brekkie.
  4. I've been at Dream on soi 15 for a couple of weeks. Girl friendly, 10 min walk to Cowboy and quiet. Great rooms and breakfast, good staff around 2800. I've switched to using Trivago for searches. They have a good review and facilities aggregator setup which makes comparisons better and easier. Then use tripadvisor to check.
  5. Just thought I'd put it out here that MOCA is well worth a visit. It's about a 10-15 taxi from Mo Chit station and next to the shambolic skytrain extension construction site meaning in time there'll be a nearby station. MOCA is in a large, spacious and classy building with some pretty impressive contemporary Thai painting and sculpture. 250 baht in. The cafe could do with more food but I'm quibbling. If your soul or higher self needs a bit of a cleanse and refreshment after porking TG's all week give it a look. http://www.mocabangkok.com
  6. Try your current hotel for starters. Not sure how it goes at better places but back in my backpacker days it was common for places to have left luggage lockup room and you paid by the day or the week.
  7. I'm about to return to LOS after a lengthy absence. I love Thai food and I remember BKK as totally the best place in the world for it. Quite a few countries, like France, the best food is in the provinces but not Thailand. As others have said its just everywhere. I always liked the little hole in the wall places where ordinary workers eat lunch. But good food courts can be great too. Lots of choice, good quality, similar prices and AIRCON ! Sort of opposite to Western countries where food courts are expensive and mediocre.
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