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  1. 1st Gogo's - I loathe the visit to patpong, and cowboy doesn't excite me. Nana Plaza is it. 2nd - massage shops, this is really my favorite thing in BKK, so much so it'll probably become my number 1 mongering activity I plan to go with FL's more but since I only limit my time to 3 nights max in BKK on my home, I just run out of time
  2. A couple of years ago i had to bring in codeine. Requirements as you've stated are - GP letter and the forms require pre-approval. I would email them if time is running short, don't chance it by simply declaring, chances are it could get confiscated. Plus you'd be hard to find pharmacies to provide OTC codeine and diazepam, although that is not the case everywhere in the land of smiles.
  3. http://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/tourist-sim.html
  4. was there for two nights last fortnight. It's good and close to the action. will stay there again.
  5. Not stayed there, but I can vouch for the food at Kinnaree
  6. seems like they're on par with one another 599 THB - AIS http://www.ais.co.th/travellersim/ unlimited internet, 6GB speeds over 15 days 599 THB - DTAC http://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/tourist-sim.html unlimited internet, 6GB speeds over 15 days
  7. I recently tried Fortune Town, nice layout but it tended to cater mostly for mobiles from what I saw. I tried the food court. very clean and a good selection.
  8. Last three BK visits I've stayed at the Majestic Suites, pretty good all round.
  9. I've stayed there twice. Not bad at all. But now it's expensive. For the same money i'd go Blu Radisson.
  10. I think Cheap Charlie on youtube did a video on hotels there. And ordinarily i'd never promote this bloke but his hotel walk through wasn't bad
  11. I'm watching this thread with great interest, i have 2019 plans to include Chiang Mai, only if it's worth it. There's a good thread on this at PA - http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/322453-chiang-mai-first-time-advice-please/
  12. If you went during the early evening you can get loads of street food over in the markets, on weekends it's available from lunchtime onwards till around 5-ish. Directions, if you were standing infront of Megaplaza walk over towards the road bridge, this bridge is locally refered to as the iron bridge. you'll see the khlong underneath, to your right walk up the tar sealed walk way, then you'll see the market to your left , walking through the market you'll find that it's a mixed market, cloths, stationary, heaps of crap, when you come to a road crossing look left and you'll see food vendors. Note - it may not be at the first crossing, might be the second or third. I dunno my GF at the time took me but that was the course we walked. If these directions are confusing open google maps and have a fiddle. Otherwise if you get lost, just walk along Ratchawong Road and you'll definitely see some food stalls.
  13. Pretty sure that clothing mall you mentioned is called Platinum.
  14. Pantip is great for PC stuff and mobiles. Cheap parts and peripherals. Oh some photography gear. For games go to MBK, legit and non legit console games. I didn't see any PC software that was legit. I like the food courts at MBK better, the ones at Pantip are varied, kinda so so. But then again it is an IT mall predominantly.
  15. why specially a hotel buffet. fancy sure, but is it worth cost. plenty of places that offer buffets, what are your tastes? considering the breakfast buffets that hotels offer , when booking hotels i tend to find all buffets that are included to be not worth it. do the math and it is an add on cost, if that's more than breakfast elsewhere then I say No. I do prefer to eat locally rather than at the hotel. That is unless you want more westernised breakfast options then get the hotel buffet breakfast sure.
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