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  1. This law is just in the news https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/special-reports/1724515/furore-over-tm30-forms
  2. Turn left for soi cowboy and right for Nana
  3. Thais mainly eat with fork and spoon only with noodles/soup they use chopsticks. Just because it's easier but you can use the spaghetti way
  4. If you walk through soi 8 and soi 6, soi 11 is very close by
  5. I usually stay in tower two from grand president a bit older but you can bring anybody
  6. 1 is free the other 1000 that's why I never stay there anymore .
  7. There's a big crackdown on fakes . Many markets have been raised mbk was one of the first so I doubt you can find it there maybe pratunam or chatuchak
  8. Good Thai food at the coffee shop ,but I never stayed . It looks like there are many chinese staying but not sure
  9. Ok,so no visa or something else needed. Just ur passport
  10. Depends on the country your are from.if you don't need a visa you don't need a multiple entry visa
  11. The one you need for bareback ????????
  12. I have an old Atari with many games. But I play my Xbox one
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