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  1. Ark Bar is simply awesome to party. I usually stay slightly away tho. Noise at night from the room can get you sometimes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You can find a ton for around 40-50. Hit up Agoda or Booking.com. They've never failed me. Reservations in advance helps with price. Peak season Q2-Q3. Monsoon is roughly from October to February. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hadyai is always an easy please. Pretty sure you'd have to pass it by road or track. Krabi and the island near Phi Phi/Phuket is always fun. Will have to consider it a detour tho. Not exactly on your immediately route north. It's on the west coast, north west of Hadyai. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'd have to agree.. dannok caters mostly to Asian tourist. Tho it's not like there's any violence, a farang might feel out of place. Having said that, cheapest place to monger in whole of Thailand if you know what you're doing. Food is also great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I always recommend Chaweng beach if you're a first time visitor. It's the main strip of the whole island. Shopping, food, massages, etc are easily available. Samui girl/bar scene isn't so "in your face" as say Patong in Phuket but FYI it's mostly located on the northern end of the strip near Mango Club. I like to stay at Chaba Samui Resort. Affordable, beach front & great kitchen. Walking distance to pretty much everything on Chaweng. Chaweng also has a mini shuttle service so you can move around for around 20baht/head. Great to avoid the bike/tuktuks who are ever ready to rip yo
  6. As for tourist stuff, there are tons of "travel agents" every few meters. They're generally selling the same product and are 3rd party resellers of travel packages. Generally you can island hop the area around or tour Phuket island yourself. For the latter, I'd recommend you just get Waze on your phone, google a few spots and explore at your leisure (rent car/bike and maybe bring your girl as a guide). There are tons of other interesting places just minutes away like Kata, Kamala and the likes. If you have a girl with you it helps with bargaining and general translating, especially if you
  7. You could always hit up the numerous soapies & massage places I'd guess. I'm assuming you're in Patong. I'm also assuming you're on a budget somewhat. Kristin Massage or most of the smaller ones are usually satisfaction guaranteed. (Google soapy Phuket or chat up the nearest masseuse smiling at you hehe) There are also quite a number of daytime bars. I'd hit up the smaller ones if you wanna barfine. Bigger ones tend to charge more or might not allow the girl to leave so early in the day. I prefer picking the FL's up at the club later in the night. Usually these comprise of ba
  8. I was there in December last year for a few weeks. Overall been there bout 6-7 times in the past 15 years. Have to agree with most here.. Samui is definitely my fav island of the cluster. Easy hotels, beach, food, massages, bars & clubs. Girls are a given =) If you must do Pha Ngan I usually just take a speed boat over armed with a dry bag with a change of clothes that also serves as something to lie against/on when I take a timeout from the party. During full moon, there's boat service around the clock. Yes, tons of "kids" nowadays. Tao is somewhere I'd bring a girl to and c
  9. Since no one else replied.. It's totally fine mate. The funeral is over and coronation of new king is scheduled for next year. Usually in these one off cases bars close (some don't, but music and live entertainment is not allowed) for a few days tops. Also happens on the first day of Songkran to some extent. Don't worry bout it tho. It's all good now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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