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  1. i can confirm they are now enforcing id checks on guests. For quite awhile they didn't care.
  2. the food is ok, but like many BKK hotels it's overpriced for what it is. Typically the street food around about is decent. Plus there's the bustop and swan restaurants on soi 4. Both are better than the hotels food in my opinion. Cheaper too. Also right next door there's a 7-11 / salon / laundry place / Tailor. One thing i would point out is they have a joiner fee if a 3rd person joins. One joiner is fine but 2 at a time is a 1k fee. Although i strongly suspect it would never be enforced. They haven't once asked anyone i've brought back to leave their ID at the desk. Personal
  3. I've stayed there a few times. It's my current favourite in the 2.5k price range. Quiet but close to the action. The staff are excellent, the facilities are clean and fairly spacious. Gym is functional. Pool facing rooms are definitely better. I can't really fault it, for the price, location and standard you won't find better (provided your primary reason for being in BKK is mongering)
  4. Eaten from the stumble inns kitchen a few times this week. One comment I would make is consistency the Thai food seems to vary wildly (assume different cooks) its always tasty but have no idea what version I am going to get.
  5. This time last year i got 52 B to the £. Now it's 44.5 B to the £ (that's with the recent resurgence, it was lower) If exchanging £1000 that's a difference of 7500B. So i would say the resurgence isn't quite good enough. That being said it's not stopped my plans for this trip, but does give me pause on frequency of return visits as the difference will start to mount up over multiple visits.
  6. if you want a hotel in soi nana i suggest in soi 6 using the dynasty grande (not the dynasty inn) Very short walk to both nana plaza and the BTS. Reasonable price and a good standard (pool/gym/good staff). Oh and it's guest friendly. I used to stay in the nana hotel but it just starting to annoy me these days, quality is going down hill and the other customers tended to be......less than desirable. The staff were not friendly.
  7. Can certainly vouch for the food. The thai food they serve is great. Takes awhile to get sometimes....luckily there is beer to keep me occupied in the meantime
  8. it is indeed, i find myself eating there regularly while in town.
  9. Street food has never given me issues. Once from a high end seafood restaurant though.... Generally speaking look for busy street food stands. If they are turning over a lot of custom then the food isn't actually sitting out long. Most people just don't deal with a change of diet of any kind very well then attribute it to street food, i genuinely believe this to be nonsense. If you are going from burgers and chips to fish sauce and chilli your body will need to readjust, that's not the same as food poisoning. Persevere though and you will have access to some of the tastiest and cheape
  10. Nana hotel is really rundown now... I was there on the last visit and won't be going back. There is no polite way to put this but a large selection of the guests behaved like cunts.... Was not a nice atmosphere. Hotel is well located and cheap but the rooms need an update. Bathrooms falling apart. I heard at least 2 other guests complain. Shame I always had a soft spot for the hotel.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about it being a 3 star hotel...i mean have you seen some of the ST rooms the girls use.... Urgh...
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