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  1. Your worst side effect is going to be a heart attack. I cant believe people who will take prescription medicine without seeing their doctor, let alone buying it in Bangkok where it could be anything
  2. Most hotels in Bangkok have some rooms without windows. That does mean they are quieter.
  3. The one problem for the Nana untill they revamped it was it was a specifically Arab Hotel. Then when the Nana Plaza was built and took off,the management realised that they just werent going to get lots of Farangs in and booted all the Arabs out. For me it still has that memory and I just wouldnt stay there. The one time I ate there I was served by a very surly and bad tempered Katoey. I pissed him off even more by not leaving a tip!
  4. Go to MBK and buy one of the 3000 Baht Samsung ripoff Tablets and use that to carry around. Get the one with 2 sim slots, bung a memory card in one and a 500 Baht DTAC roaming Data sim in the other, worked for me in October
  5. I can tell you that construction started way earlier than that as I can remember some of the big supports being put in around 1989
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