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  1. It is so alarming that ping pong scam is still around. I was also once a victim of that and I swear that it was terrible. I just hope you guys already recover from that. I just took that as a lesson learned.
  2. So far Thailand is the most tolerant one as they are open to changes and when it comes to sexual preference it's no issue to them, unlike other countries who are still conservative in so many ways that sometimes you yourself cannot understand them.
  3. Hi Marlove, you can try living in Sukhumvit but I heard it is not cheap there but I assume it's not an issue for you since you mentioned that expensive areas are okay.
  4. Generally, I think Bangkok is such a safe place but of course you really have to be responsible enough for your own things. You can actually bring your laptop or any gadget but I suggest if you will go to crowded places make sure to always watch out for your things. Be attentive all the time and please always read some reviews online so you will get an idea, here's one http://bangkok.klapsons.com/getting-around-bangkok/ -- if it's not permitted to post a link please delete it.
  5. Yay! this thread is quite extra ordinary for asking this kind of question here. Anyway, you are really free to ask anything you want here. Honestly, I never heard of that before and I'm not surprise anymore. Where did you actually get that their are offering another kind of service aside from haircut?
  6. I've experienced their massage and it was awesome. They are really expert and by the way the price is cheap so I suggest you try them too guys. You will definitely love their massage service there.
  7. I agree that Thai food can be very spicy especially if you are a type who doesn't like spicy foods. But for those who are actually like spicy food I think you try out some food stalls first on the streets. They actually have the native thai taste that you want to experience. There are also some Thai restaurants that you might want to try but I recommend you go first with the street food as a start.
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