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  1. Hopefully this happens. Not the first time they announce something and delay it or don't implement it. Bangkok Sandbox was scheduled for Oct 1, didn't happen.
  2. Closings and restrictions certainly move fast, re-openings and getting back to normal... not so much.
  3. If they are, they're doing a great job keeping it a secret. From Bloomberg: Malaysia eyes international border reopening in December. Now, whoever followed SE Asia tourism news lately, know that "eyes" means jack shit.
  4. Yes, it improved, the daily case numbers are slowly falling, but there's a way to go. In Bangkok, 10pm curfew is still in place. If vaccination continues at the current pace, Thailand reach 70% in December. This is the stated goal by Thai gov't, but after the delta variant it doesn't really mean anything. Several countries (e.g. Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia) have already passed that mark and are in no hurry to reopen.
  5. Hey,

    Filtering freelancers on ThaiFriendly is indeed a chore, but you develop a sense of it after a while.

    Here's a few:










    I tried 2-3 of them (not all), and added a few on Line. No 100% guarantee they're all freelancers and available now, but about 95% I'd reckon.

    Just a starter list, I'm sure you'll find more. No damage in asking, especially if you have a throwaway TF account.

    Good luck.

  6. This. After licking doorknobs, shagging working girls would be up there in terms of Covid risk. Overall, the risk in Thailand is low, so if you can take it, go ahead, but if there's any concern at all, better not even bother.
  7. New regulation (since Jan 1 2016), makes this 30 days by land (for all eligible countries), but limits the ground entries to only two per year.
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