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  1. The hotel was very nice and the staff was extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. The only thing is that they only allow 1 guest at a time. Other than that I would recommend this hotel to everyone.
  2. That kind of make sense to me now. I used to work with a Thai guy and every time I asked him where our boss was he would nod with his head in the direction he thought the boss was, but if I asked about others I was looking for he would point with his fingers.
  3. I could stand to have a little more culture while I'm there next month. I will be checking it out thanks for the tip. Also, thanks for letting us know how much it costs.
  4. Thanks Hermansen, I guess when I get back I'll be the first to post a review of this place.
  5. Has anyone stayes in this hotel? The last thing I could find posted on this hotel was over 2 years ago with nothing really said about it. I really should have done something research before hand but I booked this for 2 weeks. Mainly I'm wondering if it's girl friendly for my mongering and how nice the rooms are? Any help on this will be much appreciated.
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