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  1. When you go to a fast food place in Bangkok can you request them to make the food fresh?
  2. Were the beds comfortable? The place looks like a pretty good deal. I used to walk past this place everyday on a 2017 visit. I am pretty sure the place (airbnb) I was at was a little more expensive and didn't have a pool or gym.
  3. It now says 9000 for a week and 17500 for a month. So a month is cheaper than 2 weeks. Crazy.
  4. It usually says in the description how many guests are allowed.
  5. I like airbnb but I would not want a shared accommodation. Especially, in Thailand.
  6. Sometimes hotels can reject you if you bring a girl. Airbnb's can't. That's another reason I like airbnb more.
  7. Does anyone know if The Kaze 34 is guest friendly?
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