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  1. As the popular phrasing goes "Up to you". I have allowed the hotel to arrange pick up in the past, however, I usually book this while on the hotel website. This is nice as they are standing at the exit with a your name on a placard and you simply hop in and go. They already know where you are going and the cars are usually quite nice and very clean in comparison to just any old taxi. The Taxis on the lower level are a less expensive option but some are quite worn out and held together with a prayer and some duct-tape. Then there is the train which is very inexpensive but kind of a chore as you must change to the BTS to further your journey. Even then you must either schlep with your bag/s down the street to your hotel or then get a taxi. The choice is yours of course. If you are not on a miserly budget I have found the hotel cars to be the least hassle and most pleasant experience thus far.
  2. It's apparently only relevant to those of us that are not short enough to fly coach. I am only 6'3" and the last time I tried to fly coach the person in front of me had to change seats as my knees were so solidly wedged into their back. My son ended up 6'7" due to the mix of genes, wife was 5'11" and the men in her Svensk/Norsk family started at 6'6" and went up from there. Think The Mountain from Game of Thrones type of lineage for the men on her side for a mental image. So I applaud those that can save by flying coach, however it is not in the cards for myself ever again.
  3. Sweet, be sure and report back on the experience please.
  4. That renders your declaration rather myopic. I stated I had attempted to fly coach in the past and found it tortuous. I even suggested those which were of lessor stature might find coach agreeable. So there is in fact good cause for someone to choose business over coach.
  5. I just fly out of BKK when going to Phuket on Thai airways. It's usually about 10k baht round trip in business. If you are under 6' tall you can fly Thai or Bangkok Airways coach for far less. The caveat is if you are over 6' feet it is absolute torture, I tried it once and never will again.
  6. That is truly heartbreaking! Make up for it and grab a pair for the night. Twice the fun!
  7. Your watch must be fast. We have already been informed it only takes 15 mins ad nauseam.... ;)
  8. Never mind got what I needed elsewhere. Cheers
  9. Get the Sagami .002 in Large size. They are pretty snug but the feeling compared to latex is night and day.
  10. Anyone been to Fraser Suites? Am torn currently between booking into the Executive Suite at Majestic Grande or trying something new like Fraser Suites 1 bedroom unit. Since I had to skip my September trip due to family obligations I aim to make my Dec-Jan trip better than ever. I definitely want a balcony as I hate smoking in the room as I do not even smoke in my own house. I do not take girls that smoke and as they seem to always stay the night no matter it is only polite to not smoke indoors. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.
  11. Thank you for this. I too had read Sticks article and was considering a stop in Udon to have a look around. You saved me a trip for now.
  12. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/Visa-on-arrival-fee-to-double-from-Sept-27-30293284.html
  13. All depends on country of passport issuance.
  14. Umm, Not if my last trip is any indicator. Pad kra pao moo phet mak mak. My date said it was too spicy for her to eat but I so enjoyed it and did DATY an hour later without complaint.
  15. Such a high compliment was certainly unexpected but nonetheless sincerely appreciated, sir. ;)
  16. Perhaps to alleviate your confusion on my next trip I can let you plan my itinerary. Seeing as you are omniscient and have a far better grasp on my logistics it would take quite a load off my feeble mind. Math and geography are extremely difficult, insert quizzical look here, so I of course have not examined alternate routes to shorten my flight time.........
  17. Aye, the Houston to Taipei leg is 16 hours of straight airtime. Then of course there is the Taipei airport which is absolute insanity at times. I am only in Thailand 4 times a year so my time is precious to me. Considering most spend 300-500 usd a day after hotel is paid it really is a pittance in comparison. Plus I have a few regular GoGo girls consistent at 2k longtime so I am saving elsewhere to balance things out. B)
  18. Ahhh. Fair chance they are charged for each one used so like ketchup in the drive thru, you must ask to receive. Thanks man!
  19. Yes and if you need them back fast the express is only a few hours max. However it is not for the budgeter. It was nearly 2k baht to have my companions and my clothes done express. There again it was two completely stuffed full laundry bags and required zero effort on my part. We went out to eat came back and clothes were hanging in wardrobe just as nice as can be. :D
  20. By no means first trip. However EVA has never offered a pass for fast track when flying their business class. I will be inquiring about this for my next trip though. Seems I have been getting short end of the stick for some reason. I am 6' 3" so coach is not an option. Last trip while pretending to be poor (see end of my TR for details) I flew coach from BKK to Phuket. It was absolute torture as my knees were firmly embedded into the seatback in front of me. I had booked round trip but ended up buying new tickets on Thai in Royal Silk for our return flight to BKK.
  21. Thanks, 15 hours is rough but it's 24-26 hours from my home to BKK. :P This is why I am considering this as standing in a queue after that is torture. :P
  22. Thanks, yes standing in a line is a real bore. That is one reason I do not fly coach. Agreed, I fly EVA until Thai comes back to the USA. Landing at the same time as a plane full of mainlanders is a horror show. With backpackers a close second as they always delay flights with their small car sized backpacks they try to bring aboard. They don't check bags at the counter like the rest of us. They are overweight so a sly gate check is the only way to avoid the fee at the discomfort of those that followed procedure. :angry: Thanks again and my apologies for broaching the subject. I simply wanted to know if anyone had actually used the service. (Thanks Collectskulls) Was not really wanting a debate on whether someone deemed it of value.
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